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Pennsylvania woman sentenced in drunk driving accident

| Sep 8, 2012 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

A Pennsylvania woman who pleaded guilty to a drunk driving accident that injured a state trooper was recently sentenced to 14 to 28 months in state prison. The drunk driving accident occurred last December when the woman was heading home after a baby shower she attended the night before. Her unwise decision to drive while intoxicated resulted in serious injuries to the on-duty police officer which will affect him for the rest of his life.

The judge emphasized that the woman’s “horrible choice” would negatively affect the trooper’s health for the rest of his life. The officer reportedly still suffers from significant pain and is not yet approved to return to his job for the state police. The trooper also spoke to the woman who injured him at her sentencing, pointing out that while he was lucky to escape with his life, too many others perish in drunk driving accidents.

The trooper also described the excruciating amount of pain he endured after the car crash, saying that it was so bad he actually wanted to die. His pain apparently persists still, and it could be many more months before he may be in good enough shape to return to duty. He has undoubtedly suffered a great deal of financial loss related to this accident as well, considering the severity of his injuries and the fact he will have to miss so much work time.

Pennsylvania state law provides the opportunity for individuals injured in a drunk driving accident like this one to sue for personal injuries, including pain and suffering. It would seem that the trooper in this accident who has had to endure so much physical agony would be able to make a strong argument for pain and suffering in such a civil lawsuit. These injuries may well cause him issues for the rest of his life, all for simply doing his duty to the community when one of those people who he was working to protect made the dangerous decision to drink and drive.

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