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Pursuing Justice For Drunk Driving Accident Victims

When that driver made the decision to get behind the wheel drunk, he or she made the decision to put your life at risk. While the criminal justice system will likely punish that drunk driver, it won’t compensate you or your family for the cost of your injuries and suffering.

You need a personal injury lawyer who will fight for the justice you deserve.

At the Bethlehem law firm of Hof & Reid LLC, we will passionately pursue civil justice on behalf of you and your family. We will use our many decades of experience to help hold the drunk driver responsible (through his or her insurance coverage), as well as investigate any other sources of negligence liability coverage. This enables our firm to help maximize your financial recovery following your serious car accident.

We encourage you to call our drunk driving accident lawyers for skilled advice and representation throughout the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania: 610-258-6184. The consultation is absolutely free.

How Dram Shop Law And Social Host Liability May Affect Your Case

Oftentimes, a drunk driver is not the only party responsible for the crash. Our attorneys and investigators thoroughly examine the evidence, including the circumstances leading up to the drunk driving crash.

One component of our investigation is determining where the drunk driver consumed the alcohol. Under Pennsylvania law, a bar, restaurant or other commercial establishment may be held liable for negligent service of alcohol. This is true, for example, when alcohol is served to a minor or when alcohol is served to an individual who is already visibly intoxicated, and he or she subsequently causes a drunk driving accident.

In addition, Pennsylvania law recognizes social host liability when adults serve or provide alcohol to minors, which then results in injuries to the minors or others.

If our investigation reveals that, prior to causing the crash, the drunk driver was over-served at a bar, restaurant, nightclub or other establishment when exhibiting visible signs of intoxication, or if a minor was provided alcohol by a responsible adult, our attorneys will vigorously pursue this angle of the case to maximize financial recovery for you.

Let Us Start Seeking Justice And Compensation For You

If you were struck by a drunk driver, or if a loved one died in a fatal DUI collision, talk with an experienced lawyer at our firm. The negligent drunk driver deserves to face the consequences of his or her actions, and you deserve compensation.

To contact our Lehigh Valley law firm for a free consultation, call 610-258-6184. We may also be reached by email.