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Fatal Truck Crashes Change The World In An Instant

If you recently learned that a semitruck accident cost the life of your loved one, your whole world probably came to a stop. The overwhelming emotion your family is experiencing right now is difficult to put into words.

However, at the law firm of Hof & Reid LLC, we will give you space to grieve. We will also work hard to understand all that you are going through and help you deal with the aftermath of the fatal crash. Let us take some of the burden off your family by handling all the legal details on your behalf.

Call our Bethlehem office at 610-258-6184 to arrange a free, confidential and compassionate consultation today. We serve families like yours throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Handling Tractor-Trailer Collisions With Skill And Empathy Since 1942

Our law firm has been trusted for our quality, personal legal representation since 1942. We are proud of our reputation for providing strong, assertive and empathetic legal counsel to individuals and families throughout Lehigh Valley.

At Hof & Reid LLC, we understand that when a loved one is taken from you much sooner than his or her time, you have questions:

  • How did the truck accident occur, and who is to blame?
  • Could the accident have been avoided?
  • How will I continue to support my family?
  • Who will pay for the medical bills my loved one left behind?
  • How can I hold the careless driver accountable?

Representing the families of fatal accident victims throughout Pennsylvania, our tractor-trailer collision attorneys work to obtain answers to your questions. We work with experts such as accident reconstruction professionals, engineers and other specialists to determine the cause of the accident, the negligence that occurred and the parties responsible.

If factors such as truck driver fatigue, improper loading of the truck bed, negligent hiring practices or other careless behavior contributed to the accident, we vigorously pursue accountability for this negligence in a wrongful death claim against the trucker and the trucking company. If other parties are responsible, such as a negligent truck repair company or a defective product manufacturer, we seek to hold those parties liable as well.

Fighting For The Maximum Compensation Available

We will utilize our extensive legal experience, knowledge of the law, negotiation and trial skills and other resources to pursue maximum financial compensation for your family. Our wrongful death lawyers will fight for money to cover funeral expenses, final medical expenses, loss of future earnings, loss of companionship and other damages and hardships endured by your family.

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