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Were You Hit By A Distracted Or Texting Driver?

Thousands of Pennsylvania residents are injured annually by drivers who failed to live up to their basic responsibility: the responsibility to pay attention behind the wheel. Cellphones, mobile devices, navigation systems and innumerable other distractions cause far too many accidents, and the people injured as a result deserve full and fair compensation.

At Hof & Reid LLC, we will dig deeply into the possibility that the crash that injured you was caused by another driver’s inattention. We may request red-light camera videos, phone records and any other piece of evidence that might provide clues as to what happened. Our diligence in evidence gathering maximizes the chances that you will receive the compensation you deserve.

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Pennsylvania’s Laws On Texting While Driving And Cellphone Use

A law prohibiting texting while operating a vehicle became effective in Pennsylvania in March 2012. The hope is that this law will cut down on the number of car accidents caused by distracted driving.

Drivers who are cited for violating the texting law must pay a fine of $50. Drivers can be pulled over solely for texting while driving; police officers do not need to see another violation to justify a stop.

Distracted Driving Comes In Many Forms

Although texting and talking on the phone receive the most attention in the media, there is a wide range of activities that when done behind the wheel create a dangerous situation. Our Bethlehem-based lawyers handle injury claims involving accident victims who were injured by drivers who were:

  • Using DVD players
  • Eating or drinking in the car
  • Adjusting the radio
  • Programming navigation systems
  • Disciplining children
  • Putting on makeup or styling their hair
  • Talking to passengers in the back seat

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