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These blogs are posted on behalf of Hof & Reid LLC, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the firm or its attorneys. The information presented in this blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice.

Improperly secured mattress leads to fatal accident

When an individual makes the decision to transport oversized items in or on their vehicle, they assume the responsibility of ensuring that those articles are properly secured before entering a public roadway. In many cases, a particular vehicle is simply not suitable to transport certain items, and the decision should be made to find an alternative means of moving the item. One recent fatal accident demonstrates the severity of failing to properly secure a mattress before driving on a Pennsylvania Interstate, and has left multiple families in shock and the beginning stages of grief.

Pennsylvania state trooper charged in drunk driving accident

Pennsylvania residents tend to hold law enforcement officers to a higher standard than other citizens. When an individual chooses a career path dedicated to serving and protecting others, we expect that he or she will carry those traits into their off-duty lives, as well. However, the recent arrest of a Pennsylvania state trooper on suspicion of causing a death in a drunk driving accident has many in the area reconsidering this assumption.

Wrongful death claim could follow criminal trial

One Pennsylvania family may be feeling a sense of relief following news that the driver who struck and killed a little girl will stand trial in the matter. The incident took place the night before Thanksgiving 2012 in suburban portion of Philadelphia. A Bucks County judge recently ordered that the case against the driver be moved to county court. It is possible that a wrongful death claim could follow the criminal trial.

Pennsylvania man sentenced for role in fatal accident

In the aftermath of a tragic loss, Pennsylvania families cope in different ways. For some, the process involves a slow path from shock and grief to eventual acceptance of their loss. For others, the grieving process is stalled by a deep rooted need for a sense of justice in the matter. In cases in which a fatal accident is caused by the negligence of another party, feelings of injustice surrounding the event can have lasting negative effects on the normal process of grief and recovery.

Second fatal bicycle accident in Pittsburgh prompts city response

A second fatal accident on a Penn Avenue, a busy stretch of roadway in downtown Pittsburgh, has inspired authorities to take more drastic measures to try and ensure safety for bicyclists legally traveling through downtown. Each fatal accident occurred within a week of the other. The city publicly recognized that bicyclists have a legal right to travel upon that route, but also want to increase their safety and that of the public.

Multi-vehicle accident leaves one dead, multiple injuries

One person is dead in the wake of a tragic seven car accident on I-81. This recent Dauphin County truck accident involved a semi-tractor trailer which was allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed when the vehicle in front of it was forced to slow down.

Man arrested in Pennsylvania truck accident fatality

An out-of-state truck driver has been accused of vehicular homicide in connection with an April 21 truck accident fatality that occurred in Trevose. The 32-year-old man reportedly surrendered to Pennsylvania police, who allege that the driver ran a red light and caused the truck accident fatality to the woman driving the other vehicle involved. That woman was taken to Aria Health Torresdale Campus for treatment of her injuries, where she later died. A passenger in her vehicle was treated for minor injuries and released.

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