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Pennsylvania state trooper charged in drunk driving accident

Pennsylvania residents tend to hold law enforcement officers to a higher standard than other citizens. When an individual chooses a career path dedicated to serving and protecting others, we expect that he or she will carry those traits into their off-duty lives, as well. However, the recent arrest of a Pennsylvania state trooper on suspicion of causing a death in a drunk driving accident has many in the area reconsidering this assumption.

Pennsylvania drunk driving accident injures 2, charges filed

An accident in Pennsylvania has resulted in injury to three people and criminal charges against one of the drivers. A 51-year-old man and a 9-year-old passenger suffered injuries after the man's vehicle was struck by another vehicle operated by someone thought to have been under the influence. Police have termed it a drunk driving accident, and the man suspected of drinking and driving is facing several felony charges.

Pennsylvania boy dies in tragic drunk driving accident

A young Pennsylvania boy has died as a result of an alleged drunk driving accident. A man is now being held without bond at a local jail in connection with the death. The drunk driving accident occurred when the man struck two children playing in the yard of their home. Witnesses to the tragic crash claim the man failed to stop after he ran over the children.

Man sues Pennsylvania casino after drunk driving accident

A unique personal injury claim is making Pennsylvania headlines. The man was involved in a drunk driving accident after he became intoxicated at a local casino. He left the casino and later crashed on the Interstate. Now he is suing the casino and is claiming his drunk driving accident was the fault of the casino.

One man injured, another killed in Pennsylvania car accident

States across the nation are cracking down on drunk driving and trying to spread awareness of just how dangerous it can be. Unfortunately, though, too many people remain unaware of the dangers or simply feel that tragedy can't strike them when driving while intoxicated. One Pennsylvania college student may be learning a painful lesson on the dangers of drunk driving after a car accident which killed one of his friends and seriously injured another.

Pennsylvania man pleads guilty in DUI fatal accident

A Pennsylvania man recently pleaded guilty to charges of homicide by vehicle while DUI and two less serious charges in the wake of a fatal car accident which occurred in January. Authorities alleged that the man's blood-alcohol content was triple the legal limit at the time of the fatal accident. His drunk driving evidently caused a fatal collision when he drove through a stop sign at a high rate of speed.

Pennsylvania woman sentenced in drunk driving accident

A Pennsylvania woman who pleaded guilty to a drunk driving accident that injured a state trooper was recently sentenced to 14 to 28 months in state prison. The drunk driving accident occurred last December when the woman was heading home after a baby shower she attended the night before. Her unwise decision to drive while intoxicated resulted in serious injuries to the on-duty police officer which will affect him for the rest of his life.

Family seeks justice in Pennsylvania drunk driving accident

Sometimes, it can seem to take a long time for justice to come for family members who have lost loved ones in car accidents. For the family of fraternal twins killed in a Pennsylvania drunk driving accident last year, that seems especially true in light of the fact that no criminal charges have been filed nearly a year after the accident.

Hackettstown man and dog die in drunk driving accident

The tragic consequences of drinking and driving were visited hard on the family of a Hackettstown man recently by an alleged drunk driver. A 49-year-old man and his dog were killed in an early morning crash on Interstate 80. Initial reports indicate that the fatal auto accident was alcohol related

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