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4 injured in Pennsylvania car accident

Four people are in the hospital following a two-car crash in Middleton Township on Feb. 4, according to reports from local news agencies. The car accident that Pennsylvania State Police responded to before 8 a.m. is still being investigated by authorities. However, one of the two drivers involved has been cited with failing to yield. 

1 dead following Pennsylvania car accident

A local woman has tragically died after a crash on Sept. 5, according to police sources. The woman was killed in a car accident on the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Police have confirmed that two vehicles were involved in the accident and are currently seeking the whereabouts of the other driver involved.

Pennsylvania auto accident involving semi causes severe injury

A tractor-trailer is generally safe on the road if the operator of the truck is focused and carefully abides by road rules. However, one reckless move can lead to a massive collision that causes others to suffer injuries -- injuries that are often fatal or could affect a victim for the rest of his or her life. A trucking company owner was recently criminally charged in Pennsylvania after one of his tractor-trailers became involved in a March 2013 auto accident that left a man severely injured.

Was deadly car accident caused by teen running stop sign?

Paying attention to the road is every Pennsylvania drivers’ first priority. When a driver allows his or her attention to wander, even for just a few seconds, disaster can strike. For example, police believe a recent car accident occurred because a teenage driver of the car failed to pay attention to the road.

11 hurt, including 8 children, in Pennsylvania auto accident

A serious accident that sent eight children to a local hospital is still under investigation, according to local sources. Pennsylvania authorities are looking into the auto accident that injured an additional three people, including the driver of the bus that was struck. So far, no criminal charges have been officially filed in connection with the case.

Pennsylvania man killed in fatal car accident

People often think about their own death. However, such thoughts are generally abstract and tied to the belief that such an event will not happen until well into the future. The idea that any given moment could be a person's last is known, but not really believed. Unfortunately, one family in Pennsylvania is facing the sobering concept of mortality after their loved one lost his life in a tragic car accident.

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