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Trucker injured following head-on car accident in Pennsylvania

One woman is dead and a man has moderate injuries following a fatal head-on car crash in Philipsburg, according to local sources. Pennsylvania emergency services attended the car accident, which happened in the early morning of March 14. Police have not filed charges as it appears the deceased driver may have been responsible for the crash. 

Rollover car accident injures at least two in Pennsylvania

Rollover crashes can occur for a number of reasons. In some cases, it may be a driver's fault for speeding, trying to take a sharp corner too quickly or consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel. To further complicate matters, some vehicles are more prone to rolling over, such as SUVs, due to their high centers of gravity. Regardless, a rollover car accident can occur at any time for any reason. This was evidenced recently in a crash in Pennsylvania.

Car accident in Pennsylvania injures 2

West Philadelphia was the scene of a near-tragic accident on the early morning of October 10, according to local news sources. Pennsylvania authorities responded to the car accident that injured two motorcyclists around 5:30 a.m. So far, no charges have been filed in connection with the crash, but the particulars are still under investigation by local police.

4-vehicle car accident leaves several injured in Pennsylvania

A state trooper was among those injured in a several-vehicle pileup in the early morning of Feb. 20. Pennsylvania police and rescue workers responded to the four-car accident a little after 5:30, where they discovered several injured parties. Icy roads have been suggested to be at least part of the cause of the accident, and no charges have been filed against any of the drivers involved as of this writing.

Car accident involving Pennsylvania police officer claims a life

When a car crash occurs, the first official on the scene is often a police officer. However, there are times when the police officer is directly involved in the accident. A recent car accident in Pennsylvania involving an officer claimed the life of an unlucky motorist.

1 dead after car accident in Pennsylvania

A motorcyclist is dead after an accident involving another vehicle, according to local reports. The 49-year-old Pennsylvania resident was involved in a car accident in Crawford County. His passenger survived the encounter. No charges have yet been filed in this incident, but an investigation is still underway.

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