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Drunk driving accident leads to charges for Pennsylvania woman

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated is widely regarded as an irresponsible move. This becomes even more true when the decision leads to more serious consequences. That is the case for a Pennsylvania woman who has been charged with DUI after a drunk driving accident sent another driver to the hospital.

Car accident kills Pennsylvania man, injures 2 others

An investigation is ongoing into the death of one man and the serious injury of two others after a vehicle rolled in the early morning of the last Sunday in May. The car accident occurred on a Pennsylvania county road around 2 a.m. No formal cause has yet been determined for the collision.

4-car accident in Pennsylvania sends three to hospital

A local man has been cited in connection with a devastating crash on May 11 that left three people seriously injured, including the driver and his passenger. Pennsylvania police responded to the car accident in the late morning. The driver has since been cited for unsafe speeds, though no court date has yet been set.

Plea accepted in deadly I-78 tractor trailer accident

Quite often, a defendant in a criminal case will enter a no contest plea to get their case resolved quickly. Such is the case in Northampton County Pennsylvania where a judge has accepted a no contest plea from the driver responsible for the deadly tractor trailer accident on I-78. The driver, who was sentenced to five years probation, states that he would like to put it all behind him. However, the fact that the criminal charges against him have been resolved does not necessarily end the matter.

Pennsylvania trooper involved in drunk driving accident, 1 dead

The law strictly forbids driving while intoxicated. Nobody would know that better than law enforcement officials who are paid to uphold the law. However, this did not stop one Pennsylvania state trooper from breaking this law. The trooper was arrested for causing a drunk driving accident that ended in one fatality last year.

Pennsylvania man sentenced for role in fatal accident

In the aftermath of a tragic loss, Pennsylvania families cope in different ways. For some, the process involves a slow path from shock and grief to eventual acceptance of their loss. For others, the grieving process is stalled by a deep rooted need for a sense of justice in the matter. In cases in which a fatal accident is caused by the negligence of another party, feelings of injustice surrounding the event can have lasting negative effects on the normal process of grief and recovery.

Pennsylvania wrongful death: Beware of energy drink effects

The effects of certain energy drinks have been in the news often lately and blamed for hosts of health issues and even deaths. The military is now involved in a research study about the drink, concerned about its effects on military personnel. These drinks are extremely popular with personnel and civilians, and the study seeks to further understand the health risks of the drinks. The energy drinks have been at the center of controversy and have even resulted in at least one wrongful death lawsuit. Statistics like these underscore the need for caution when Pennsylvania residents use the products.

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