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Rollovers a frightening factor in SUV accidents

Pennsylvania drivers have certainly noticed the crowded highways in recent weeks. Holiday travel on top of daily commutes can lead to traffic congestion. When road conditions are far from ideal, and winter weather may be a factor, drivers need to remain alert. SUV accidents remain a chief concern because the design of the vehicle can lead to an increased chance of a rollover during a crash. 

SUV accidents involving pedestrian death caused by teen

Most Pennsylvania residents probably remember when they learned to drive. With so much critical information to take in, preparing a teen for the roads can be a daunting task. While drivers' education programs can certainly help, it often falls on a parent to supervise as a teen practices to take the driving test, and if the teen is learning in a larger vehicle, there is serious risk of SUV accidents.  

Safety gadgets cannot prevent every death in SUV accidents

Driving on Pennsylvania roads can be a dangerous task. Ongoing road construction, weather conditions and other drivers can make navigating the roads treacherous at times. SUV accidents can occur at any time, regardless of the skill or experience of the driver. And even with all the safety features, misfortune can still occur.

Pennsylvania SUV accidents can have severe consequences

A smaller sized SUV crossed over the center line of a Pennsylvania roadway, causing a head-on collision in Allentown on a recent Tuesday evening, officials report. The motor vehicle accident occurred at 7:47 p.m., just south of the local college. The first vehicle was traveling eastbound when it veered into oncoming traffic and collided with a larger-sized motor vehicle. SUV accidents such as this one have the potential for severe consequences.    

SUV accidents can lead to serious injuries or death

Sport utility vehicles blend a truck's cargo carrying capacity with the passenger carrying capacity of a smaller enclosed vehicle. Consumers buy SUVs for their size and four-wheel drive capability. However, due to the large size and weight of these vehicles, those who are involved in SUV accidents face an increased risk of serious injury. Recently, one such accident in Pennsylvania claimed the life of one man.

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