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Woman admits to intentional car accident

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Under most circumstances, a driver tries to avoid a crash by driving safely and following the laws. Recently, a strange exception to the norm made headlines in Pennsylvania. In a seemingly baffling case, a woman admits to causing a car accident, and her explanation caused a judge to take pause. 

Police responded to a head-on collision on January 7, 2019. A woman crossed over into oncoming traffic, striking a vehicle with three people inside. As these people were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries suffered, investigators soon realized this crash was not really an accident at all. 

The woman explained to investigators, and later a judge, that she had been driving around waiting for God to give her a sign. Apparently, she decided to test her faith by intentionally driving into oncoming traffic. She believed that God would allow her to emerge unscathed from the daredevil maneuver. The judge became concerned that the woman was such a danger to herself and others that she should be denied bail. She remains incarcerated and is facing charges including, but not limited to, aggravated assault and harassment. 

The victims in this case were innocent of any wrongdoing and must now contend with physical injuries, medical bills, insurance matters and other headaches that follow a serious car accident. An experienced Pennsylvania attorney could help bring a case against the admittedly at-fault driver in civil court. If the victims take such action, they may be able to collect a monetary judgement that could help ease the financial burdens caused by the woman's irrational choice. 

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