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Bus accidents: Are you at risk?

| Jan 9, 2020 | Bus Accidents |

When groups of people have a common destination, it can be convenient to take a bus and travel together. While this popular method of transportation certainly has its merits, it also comes with certain risks. Bus accidents can turn a road trip into a catastrophe, often leaving victims injured and stranded in an unfamiliar place. A recent Pennsylvania crash in Mount Pleasant Township illustrates this risk. 

A tour bus driver traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in the middle of the night failed to properly navigate a curve in the road. The bus overturned, full of passengers. Before coming to rest in a ravine, several other vehicles, including large semi-trucks, were unable to avoid striking the overturned bus. Injured motorists tried to help each other until help arrived. 

Rescue workers report that about 60 people needed immediate medical attention at local hospitals, and at least three victims — including a 9-year-old — were killed. Many of the victims on the bus did not speak English, and authorities had a difficult time getting crucial medical and family information. The highway was strewn with debris and had to be shut down for several hours. Some of the victims remain in critical condition. 

When bus accidents occur, victims may have legal recourse. A victim need not be a resident of the Keystone State to take legal action against the party or parties believed responsible for the accident. A Pennsylvania personal injury attorney is a valuable ally for anyone seeking justice due to this type of tragedy.