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SUV accidents a concern for travelers

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Many people make travel plans over the holiday season. An SUV can come in handy when people need to transport a crowd, luggage and other bulky cargo. These popular vehicles are usually featured in advertisements that tout both safety and convenience, but SUV accidents can potentially cause more damage than crashes involving smaller passenger vehicles. 

When an accident occurs, all drivers involved must remain on the scene, offer assistance where possible and stay put until police arrive. Recently, a Pennsylvania crash caused serious injuries to some unfortunate victims, three of whom happened to be police officers. The officers were riding together in an unmarked police cruiser, and fellow officers in the car directly behind them watched helplessly as the crash occurred. 

Witnesses state that the light turned green and the officer driving the car entered the intersection. Unfortunately, the driver of an SUV from a side street did not stop when his light turned red. The police car smashed into the SUV. The three officers were taken to the hospital with  injuries, as well as two occupants of the SUV. Though investigators do not think the driver of the SUV meant to run the light, and it was noted that the driver was from out of town and might have been confused driving through an unfamiliar area. 

SUV accidents can certainly put a damper on holiday cheer, and even if a driver did not mean to cause a crash, he or she can be held financially accountable for a victim's suffering if the driver is found to have been at fault. A victim may have lasting pain and suffering, medical bills, damage to vehicles and other property, physical rehabilitation and other repercussions from a crash. In this incident workers' compensation benefits may also come into play. In many cases, a Pennsylvania attorney can help a victim file a civil lawsuit, seeking a judgment for monetary damages against the party believed to have been at fault. 

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