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Car accident in the winter: Bad news for the Keystone State

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Pennsylvania residents might be shocked to learn that when it comes to crashes resulting from winter weather, the Keystone State ranks second in the nation. There are certainly other states that traditionally see far more snow accumulation, but snow is only one hazard drivers face during the winter months. Ice, freezing rain, winds and limited visibility can also contribute to a car accident.

A recent report illustrates how deadly the roads can be. Each year, Pennsylvania sees about 30 car crash deaths during the winter months. Inclement weather can make it difficult for even an experienced driver to safely navigate the roadway. 

In Feb. 2014, a Pennsylvania crash involved over 100 vehicles. While statistics certainly indicate that weather can contribute to a serious accident, this does not mean that a driver involved in a crash will not be deemed at fault. All drivers owe a duty of care to others to operate their motor vehicles in a safe manner and according to the prevailing weather conditions. Inclement weather certainly does not prevent an accident victim from seeking damages through the civil justice system. 

The circumstances immediately following a serious car accident can feel overwhelming. An injured victim may be trying to manage physical suffering, mounting medical bills, the need for ongoing treatment and other expensive situations. A victim has every right to contact a Pennsylvania attorney for advice and assistance in pursuing a personal injury claim. A verdict in the victim's favor may result in a monetary award to help ease some of the monetary burdens accrued due to a motor vehicle collision. 

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