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Teen Trouble: Wayward youths cause serious car accident

| Oct 17, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Teens have a tendency to find trouble, and when bad behavior gets behind the wheel, innocent people might not see it coming. Recently, a pair of Pennsylvania teens went on a bit of a crime spree, first stealing a car, then running from the police and causing a serious car accident. Unfortunately, the teens have now learned a lesson about the dangers of breaking the law. 

The incident remains under investigation, but authorities believe they have the basic facts established. It seems that two Pennsylvania teens stole a vehicle and decided to take to the road. Police had been alerted that a car had been stolen, and when officers spotted a car that matched the description of the missing car, they attempted  to pull the vehicle over. 

Though not described as a chase, police say that the teens did not yield to police and attempted to flee. When the vehicle approached an intersection, the car crashed into another vehicle, causing serious injuries and damage. The teens have not been identified, but police say that both of them and two people in the other vehicle were rushed to the hospital. 

When a person becomes the victim of a car accident in Pennsylvania, the circumstances might warrant legal action against the party deemed responsible. In this case, the victims were not involved in the alleged theft and the police pursuit, but unfortunately suffered serious injury due to the careless behavior of another party. An experienced attorney will know what steps to take in order to pursue recovery of monetary damages. A financial award can be used to help with expenses such as medical bills, missed wages due to inability to work and other documented losses.