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Car accident involves different sort of lanes

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Like anywhere else across the nation, Pennsylvania roads can be dangerous. While most accidents are caused by driver error, weather conditions or other relatively common hazards, a crash is occasionally caused by a person committing a crime. A recent car accident in the Keystone State left a local community bewildered. 

The trouble  began when police on patrol saw a pickup truck driver fail to signal before making a turn. They went after the vehicle and directed the driver to pull over. The driver apparently had other ideas and refused to yield to the commands. Instead police say he sped off in an attempt to evade them. 

As the driver did so, he crashed his vehicle into a local bowling alley. The bowling alley was full of patrons. The man tried to run away, but law enforcement caught up with him. He agreed to a blood sample, which indicated that he was driving under the influence at the time of the crash. He was taken to jail to await formal charges. 

When a driver disregards the laws and attempts to flee after causing a car accident, innocent victims may suffer physical injuries and/or property damage. In many cases, legal recourse may be available. If a victim wants to explore the option of pursuing financial redress for his or her suffering, an experienced personal injury attorney can probably help in Pennsylvania. A lawyer will carefully review the details of the accident, gather and preserve important evidence, explain the legal process and pursue the maximum available recovery on the behalf of the client.

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