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Oh, deer! Truck accident puts residents at risk

| Sep 25, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Pennsylvania residents know all too well that, when autumn arrives, so do the deer. For drivers, deer can be a surprise obstacle, as the creatures seem to pop out of nowhere right in front of a moving vehicle. Many roads within the state have signs indicating where deer frequently cross busy roads, but they can cross anywhere, and drivers must remain alert. Recently, a truck accident put an entire community at risk. 

Authorities arrived on the scene of a truck accident in Broome County. They quickly discovered that a large tractor trailer truck was mangled, and the driver was dead. Witnesses told investigators that the driver seemed to have swerved to avoid hitting a deer. 

Unfortunately, the truck was hauling compressed natural gas, and first responders quickly recognized that at least one of the containers was leaking. Residents in a nearby community had lost power due to the accident and were soon evacuated from their homes. Schools were closed, and a state of emergency was declared. The accident remains under investigation, and it is not yet known if there was any defect with the truck itself. 

A truck accident can cause serious harm and leave victims feeling confused and frustrated. If a truck accident causes injury to another person, or damages his or her personal property, a victim may want to take legal action. In many cases, contacting an attorney can be a good place to start. A Pennsylvania attorney can stand by a client in a court of law and help explain what personal loss and suffering a victim experienced as a result of the crash, and collect any monetary awards to which a victim may be entitled.