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Truck accident results in charges for man that wasn't involved

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Pennsylvania has many busy highways, and during the summer months, when traffic can be heavy, motorists may grow impatient at the delays an accident can cause. Recently, a man who was caught for hours in a traffic backup lost his cool and now faces charges. The incident took place after a truck accident that caused a six-hour delay on the road. 

According to Pennsylvania police, a tractor trailer wrecked into a smaller passenger car. The damage was severe, and it took emergency road crews over six hours to investigate the crash and clear the road of debris. Rather than patiently wait for the victims to receive help, one man decided that he had better things to do. 

Officers at the scene heard the sound of a car horn blowing over and over. Officers made their way from the scene of the accident to investigate, perhaps thinking another motorist was having some sort of emergency. When they arrived at the car causing the ruckus, they determined that a passenger in the vehicle had simply grown impatient and had begun to incessantly honk the horn. Police asked him to stop, so that they could continue to render aid to those involved in the accident, but the man, showing little compassion for the victims, merely laughed and continued the obnoxious horn sounding. He was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, and wound up in a local jail. 

A truck accident can cause serious harm to victims, and when police and emergency crews respond, their priority is to save the lives of the victims involved. A victim may suffer serious injury and, in the days and weeks that follow, be saddled with medical bills, lost wages due to inability to work, and other financial burdens that can make the healing process difficult. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help a victim hold the driver responsible for the crash accountable in a court of law, and collect any damages and compensation to which a victim may be entitled to help compensate for the injuries he or she suffered.

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