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Bus accidents: How dangerous is your commute?

| Jun 20, 2019 | Bus Accidents |

Public transportation is a preferred method of travel for many Pennsylvania residents. Each day, people use buses to get to and from the places they need to be. Especially in big cities, where traffic can be heavy and parking is often difficult to find, riding the bus is meant to be a safe and practical way to get around. Unfortunately, bus accidents can leave passengers injured and frightened. 

Passengers on a bus are often helpless in the event of a crash. The driver of the bus is responsible for all the lives on board, and when an accident happens, passengers may literally not know what hit them. A recent incident remains under investigation. 

A commuter bus became involved in an accident with a car. It is not known if anyone in the car suffered physical injury, but at least seven passengers on the bus were hurt. Fortunately, no deaths were reported, but the injured passengers must now deal with the aftermath of the crash. 

In addition to physical injury, bus accidents can leave victims to face financial burdens. Medical bills, loss of wages due to inability to work, and damage to personal property can put a strain on a victim that has already suffered injury and is attempting to recover. A compassionate attorney can help a Pennsylvania victim seek justice in a court of law and collect any monetary damages or compensation to which a victim may be entitled. A monetary award can help pay for these aforementioned stresses and are meant to compensate a victim for his or her suffering.