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Bus accidents a risk for the faithful

| Apr 24, 2019 | Bus Accidents |

Pennsylvania is home to a variety of religious communities. Many of these communities have a church or similar building where the faithful gather weekly to worship and enjoy the company and support of the congregation. Sometimes, members of the congregation do not have transportation to and from the church, and many churches do their best to accommodate the need. Unfortunately, many of these faithful are at risk for becoming victims in bus accidents. 

Buses can be an efficient way to move a large group of people from place to place. Sadly, if a bus becomes involved in a crash, the passengers on board may be seriously injured or even killed. A recent story from another state illustrates how quickly disaster can strike. 

The ordeal began when a church bus was making it’s weekly rounds, collecting parishioners for worship services. As the bus passed through a residential area, a vehicle suddenly pulled out of a driveway. The bus driver tried to avoid a crash, but lost control of the bus, which crashed nearby. One person on the bus died, and several others, including small children, suffered serious injuries. 

Bus accidents can affect an entire community. People may be overwhelmed by the death or injury of close friends and family members. Surviving victims may be left with lasting pain and physical injuries. Medical bills, funeral expenses and other financial burdens can quickly become overwhelming. Many victims, including the surviving families of deceased victims, prefer to allow an experienced Pennsylvania attorney to represent them as they pursue justice and compensation in a court of law.