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Distracted driving may have caused fatal truck accident

| Aug 28, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

The state of Pennsylvania has strict laws prohibiting the use of cell phones and other mobile devices while driving. Though it can be tempting to check an alert, answer a call, or find a gas station while driving, drivers must use an appropriate hands-free device or safely pull over before doing so. Drivers may think these rules are a bit too strict, but research proves that even a few seconds of distracted driving can cause a fatal car or truck accident.

Recently, a Pennsylvania man has been charged with homicide, assault and several other serious crimes as a result of a fatal accident he caused. He was driving a dump truck with his 8-year-old son along for the ride when he ran a red light. He slammed into a minivan driven by a Pennsylvania grandmother and three of her grandchildren. 

The grandmother was killed by the collision, and injuries were suffered by all of her grandchildren. The truck driver’s son also suffered serious injury. Upon investigation into the crash, it was revealed that the man had been chatting on his phone at the time of the incident, and he had not even to begin to apply his brakes until a collision was imminent. 

When innocent people suffer injury or death as a result of a truck accident, victims and their families may feel overwhelmed, and they may need assistance dealing with the aftermath in the weeks and months that follow. Medical bills, funeral expenses and possible legal action against the driver at fault are things they may need to handle. Sometimes, it can be helpful for victims and their families to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to help with the paperwork while families take time to heal.