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SUV accidents involving pedestrian death caused by teen

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Most Pennsylvania residents probably remember when they learned to drive. With so much critical information to take in, preparing a teen for the roads can be a daunting task. While drivers' education programs can certainly help, it often falls on a parent to supervise as a teen practices to take the driving test, and if the teen is learning in a larger vehicle, there is serious risk of SUV accidents.  

Even when parents stress the importance of safety to new drivers, things can turn tragic in an instant. Recently, a Pennsylvania woman was sitting in the passenger seat as a teen got some practice in at a local shopping center. She was driving an SUV. Unfortunately, the girl struck two pedestrians in the process, and both men suffered fatal injuries. 

The pedestrians were struck so violently that their bodies were thrown back against the wall of a store. One man was pronounced dead at the scene, and the other shortly after at a hospital. The woman who owned the SUV and the teen driver were both charged with manslaughter and homicide. 

When SUV accidents claim the lives of loved ones, or a person suffers serious injury, people may not be able to properly determine what action to take next. In a time of mourning, when emotions are understandably running high, things like medical bills, funeral expenses, and possible court action may seem trivial compared to feelings of loss and anger. It can be helpful for victims and their loved ones to consult an attorney that is familiar with SUV accidents. An attorney may be able to assist people as they attempt to put the pieces back together and seek justice for their loved ones that suffered death or injury through no fault of their own. 

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