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February 2018 Archives

These blogs are posted on behalf of Seidel, Cohen, Hof & Reid, LLC, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the firm or its attorneys. The information presented in this blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice.

Pennsylvania man formally charged in fatal car accident

Operating a motor vehicle is often seen by many as something that they just do. Sometimes, little regard is given to the enormous responsibility. The reality of sitting behind the wheel and driving an automobile is a significant endeavor which requires diligence, attention to detail, good judgement and quick reflexes. When a Pennsylvania driver gets behind the wheel with disregard for others on the road or traffic laws, a car accident can occur with devastating effects for those involved.

Pennsylvania bus accident sends 2 students to the hospital

Sending one's children to school via public school transportation is almost a think-less task. Packing up the backpacks, tying the shoes, zipping the coat and kissing them goodbye when dropping the kids off at the bus stop, daycare center or even at school is how many Pennsylvania parents spend their early mornings. Trusting the adults with the care of one's children can often be taken for granted until the unfortunate happens. An early morning bus accident has caused major concerns with regard to bus safety and driver training.

Snow and ice covered Pennyslvania roads leads to car accident

When Pennsylvania weather turns from flowers and sunshine to cold and snow, the roads can become a battle ground for traction. Drivers should exercise caution when traveling in such weather to help avoid car accidents and injuries, if they must travel at all. Black ice spots and snow-covered roads can give unsuspecting drivers a sense of security and overconfidence when navigating these dangerous conditions, which can lead some to find themselves victims in a car accident.

Car accident on Pennsylvania Turnpike leads to numerous wrecks

The Pennsylvania Turnpike can be a deadly drive for some motorists. Speed, numerous cars and tractor-trailers along with the weather that can turn in an instant, the turnpike has seen its fair share of car accidents. A recent multi-car accident has injured several and claimed the lives of two people.

Pennsylvania car accident claims the life of driver and his dog

Many reasons are given by those involved or responsible for auto accidents. From distraction, to medical emergencies, being under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol and everything in between. Regardless, a Pennsylvania car accident can cause a ripple effect that changes the lives of those involved and their loved ones forever.

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