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Two dead in horrific auto accident in rural Pennsylvania

| Dec 21, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Auto accidents, such as one that took place in Pennsylvania over the weekend, are often times fully preventable. Many result in catastrophic injury or even loss of life. When a serious auto accident occurs, it is truly unfortunate as the devastating effects may be felt by family members and loved ones for many years to come.

In this particular situation, two men, ages 86 and 32, were killed in a terrible head-on collision late Friday afternoon. The crash took place along route 85. The truck the older gentleman was driving appears to have veered across the double yellow line and into oncoming traffic, striking the car of the younger man head-on.  

The local coroner’s office reported that both men died at the scene. Although it has been confirmed they were both wearing proper seat restraints at the time of the incident, each man suffered multiple blunt force trauma injuries. Local authorities ruled the causes of both deaths accidental.  However, the situation still warrants further investigation with the Pennsylvania State Police. 

When an auto accident occurs  where it appears that one particular driver is at fault, victims’ families may find it extremely beneficial to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. By doing so, the families of those involved are taking proactive steps toward a more positive, brighter outcome for the future. In past Pennsylvania cases that were successfully litigated, victims of similar auto accidents or their surviving families have received comforting compensation to help ease the financial burdens that often accompany such indescribable losses.        

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