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August 2016 Archives

These blogs are posted on behalf of Seidel, Cohen, Hof & Reid, LLC, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the firm or its attorneys. The information presented in this blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice.

City agency risks premises liability for decaying properties

The housing authority in one Pennsylvania city is proud that it has renovated and repaired hundreds of the properties under its ownership. However, there are thousands of buildings that have been deemed unsafe or even in imminent danger of collapse by local building inspectors. Over a hundred of these are owned by that city's housing authority, putting the agency at risk for premises liability claims.

Products liability: Misclassification of death by medical devices

When someone in Pennsylvania or elsewhere dies after using a medical device, the manufacturer of the device is required to report the death to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, manufacturers know that such reports may negatively impact their ability to market and sell the products. Additionally, reporting that people have died as a result of a problem with a product may leave the manufacturer open to products liability claims. Some companies have found a way to protect themselves from these negative consequences.

Pennsylvania truck accident claims 2 lives

It seems that chain reaction crashes involving large trucks are becoming more common across the country. Truck drivers who are distracted do not notice traffic slowing in front of them, and they are often unable to stop in time. Those crashes, like a recent truck accident in Pennsylvania, often involve multiple injuries and sometimes fatalities.  

Products liability: explosions prompt massive airbag recall

For over a year now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been studying a growing number of reports that Takata airbag inflators are exploding in cars in Pennsylvania and across the country. In fact, products liability claims may be lining up across the world as injuries and deaths are attributed to the faulty airbags. The NHTSA has now expanded its investigation to include a second brand of inflators linked to explosions, which could result in a massive recall.

Distraction causing a car accident may come in many forms

As technology evolves and social media and interactive gaming expands, it seems to get harder for safety advocates to keep up with warnings. Once, cell phones were the main culprit of distracted driving. Soon texting, social media and other apps took drivers' eyes off the road. The latest distraction is Pokemon Go, a reality video game causing accidents among pedestrians as well as drivers. Sadly, it may take causing a car accident for some people in Pennsylvania to understand the danger of distracted driving.

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