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Woman dies in car accident in Pennsylvania

| Feb 23, 2016 | Car Accidents |

A 45-year-old woman is tragically dead after she was apparently hit by a car, according to local sources. Pennsylvania police are investigating the car accident that reportedly killed the pedestrian on Feb. 20. So far, police have not filed charges against the driver involved in the accident. 

According to preliminary reports, the woman was walking along the shoulder of the road when a driver of a vehicle veered onto the shoulder. The woman was struck and injured, at which point the driver called 911. The first responder was an off-duty Pennsylvania State Trooper who said the woman had no pulse when he arrived. She was later pronounced dead. 

The local coroner scheduled an autopsy for the morning of Feb. 22, which revealed her death was caused by multiple blunt-force trauma consistent with being struck by a car. The police investigation into the accident is ongoing at this time. Authorities have asked anyone who may have witnessed the accident to please contact police. 

Should it become apparent that the driver involved in the car accident was negligent or reckless in her operation of her vehicle, contributing in a direct way to the fatality, she could face criminal charges. However, the family of the deceased woman is still entitled under Pennsylvania law to file a wrongful death suit against her, even in the absence of a criminal charge. Provided evidence of wrongdoing is present, such a case could result in damages being awarded to the family. 

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