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Car accident kills 1 in Pennsylvania

| Feb 18, 2015 | Car Accidents |

A crash that involved five vehicles including a school bus has left one person dead and several others injured on Route 30. Pennsylvania authorities responded to the large car accident that closed the route for several hours on Feb. 11. While an investigation into the cause of the crash is still underway, witness testimony has suggested that one driver involved may have been driving recklessly. 

The details of the crash are not yet clear as the investigation proceeds, but it has been confirmed that a pickup truck, an SUV and two cars were involved in addition to the bus. One of the vehicles was sufficiently damaged and caught fire, and witnesses saw an individual being pulled from another vehicle. Of the 26 students on board the bus, four suffered injuries and were taken to a local hospital for treatment. 

One man, a 41-year-old in one of the other vehicles, suffered critical injuries and was rushed to a local hospital. He was pronounced dead sometime later in the day. So far, police have not been able to ascertain how the accident happened, but witnesses reported that a vehicle was trying to pass the bus and may have ended up in the driver’s blind spot. The investigation continues. 

Should it be determined that the passing driver was behaving recklessly, it is possible that driver will face some manner of criminal charges. Additionally, the families of the injured students and of the deceased man may wish to pursue personal injury and wrongful death suits against the individual or individuals Pennsylvania police deem responsible for the car accident. Evidence of negligence will be required in such a case. 

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Source: wtae.com, “1 dead after multi-vehicle crash on Route 30“, Bob Mayo, Feb. 11, 2015