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Car accident on Pennsylvania Turnpike leaves 1 dead

| Aug 14, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A serious accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike has resulted in the loss of a life, according to local law enforcement sources. Pennsylvania authorities responded to the car accident that killed an unknown person on the afternoon of July 30. So far, no cause has been determined, but police are continuing their investigation as of this writing.

According to preliminary reports, it appears at least one vehicle flipped over following a collision of some type on the Turnpike around 4 p.m. Details about this crash are sketchy at best, but it has been confirmed that one person was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by arriving medical personnel. Two other individuals were taken to a local hospital with injuries of unknown severity.

It is unclear how many vehicles were involved in the crash, or what may have precipitated the accident to begin with. Police have stayed tight-lipped on the subject of whether alcohol or reckless driving are being considered factors in this tragedy. It appears that no formal charges have yet been filed, and other details are being withheld presumably ahead of notifying next of kin in the case of the fatal injury.

Too little is known about this car accident to make an accurate determination as to the outcome of any criminal case that might be filed. If a driver is deemed in some way responsible for the crash, Pennsylvania authorities will likely file criminal charges against that individual. In addition, injured parties and the family of the deceased will be entitled to file civil suits against any individual deemed culpable for the accident, presuming enough evidence exists to support this claim.

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Source: 6abc.com, “1 dead in Pennsylvania Turnpike crash“, , July 30, 2014