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Man responsible for Pennsylvania car accident surrenders

| Mar 13, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A man believed to be responsible for a fatal crash back in January is in police custody after turning himself in, local reports confirm. The Pennsylvania man was arrested in connection with a car accident that killed a 20-year-old pedestrian at the beginning of the year. He faces multiple charges related to this apparent crime.

Police reports indicate that the man’s vehicle struck and killed the 20-year-old victim in the early morning of Jan. 15, though the specific details of the accident are unclear. Witnesses report they saw a man matching the accused man’s description fleeing the scene in a vehicle that also matches witness descriptions. The victim’s body was recovered a short distance from the accident, and he was declared dead at the scene by arriving medical personnel.

The man turned himself into police on March 10. He now faces charges that include involuntary manslaughter, vehicular homicide, operating a vehicle without insurance and several other charges. If convicted, he will face considerable prison time under Pennsylvania law. So far, no court date has been set in connection with this case.

In a motor vehicle accident, criminal charges become more likely if it is documented that the apparent perpetrator fled the scene after the collision took place. In this case, it seems likely the man will face serious criminal consequences for his actions should prosecutors ultimately secure a conviction. However, Pennsylvania law also allows the family of the deceased victim to seek recourse in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit, which would be handled in a civil court setting separate from the criminal case already underway.

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