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Major car accident in Pennsylvania leaves dozens injured

| Jan 3, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A multi-car pileup on Interstate 78 resulted in dozens of injuries, according to state law enforcement. It is unclear to Pennsylvania police how the car accident was predicated, but an investigation is underway. Thankfully, no deaths were reported, but the accident tied up the entire interstate for several hours on Dec. 26.

According to local officials, four separate accidents led to nearly 40 cars being ensnared in snowy conditions, damaging nearly all of them. Many motorists were turned back by traffic authorities with waived turnpike fees as the entire highway was shut down pending the investigation and extrication of injured parties. Approximately ten people were taken to local hospitals with a variety of injuries, though very little information about their conditions is currently available.

A further 25 people were taken to local hospitals further along the interstate, with an additional 44 being treated at the scene. Police are currently unsure whether the accident was tipped off by a single driver, but their investigation into the specifics of the crash is ongoing. It is clear that inclement weather conditions played a role in the accident, however.

Pennsylvania police have their work cut out for them in unraveling this complicated car accident to determine whether culpability can be placed on one or more of the involved drivers. State traffic laws demand additional caution in inclement weather like snowy conditions on state roads, so it is possible that driver negligence may have played a role in this accident. If this is discovered to be the case, any drivers considered responsible may face criminal charges and could be separately liable financially for injuries suffered by other motorists in the crash.

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