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Car accident in Pennsylvania leaves 1 dead, 4 seriously hurt

| Nov 4, 2013 | Car Accidents |

One man is dead and four other people are in serious condition following a wreck on Nov. 2 in Wayne County. Pennsylvania State Police are still investigating the particulars of the car accident that required the attention of several life-saving agencies in the area. Police have asked anyone with information pertaining to the accident to contact law enforcement sources immediately.

According to police reports, a 57-year-old man was traveling west on the Owego Turnpike when he inexplicably lost control of his vehicle and passed into the oncoming lane of traffic. There, he struck an SUV head-on. Arriving medical personnel declared the man dead at the scene of the accident.

The four passengers in the SUV were trapped in the vehicle, and it took emergency crews some time to extricate them from the wreckage. Three of the four injured parties were rushed by helicopter to a local hospital, while the fourth individual was taken to the same hospital by ambulance. While there is no certain word on the statuses of the injured parties, their initial condition was described as serious. Police have not yet commented on what may have caused the driver to lose control.

It is somewhat more complicated to assign blame in a car accident when the driver most likely responsible for the crash does not survive the incident. Pennsylvania police may uncover compelling evidence that the deceased driver was indeed to blame for the accident. Regardless, however, all injured parties in the other vehicle will be able to file personal injury lawsuits against the driver’s estate — any criminal findings may be used to support those claims in civil court.

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