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Wrongful death suits often focus on recalled products

| Jan 29, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

When a Pennsylvania consumer purchases a product, he or she expects that product to perform as intended. When a product fails, the result is often disappointment and the aggravation of having to replace the item. However, there are some products that present a much more serious issue when they fail to function as intended. In such cases, serious injury or even death can occur, which can lead to a wrongful death suit against the manufacturer.

A recent recall illustrates the dangers of a product that fails to function as designed. The recalled item is a line of high pressure air supply hoses that serve an important role in the gear of scuba divers. The hoses, which measure between 32 to 36 inches in length, connect a diver’s regulator to their air tank.

At issue is the risk that these hoses can become separated from the tank’s high pressure gauge. The result would be an immediate and irreparable loss of the diver’s air supply, which could easily lead to death by drowning. The hoses were manufactures in Taiwan, and imported to the United Stated by A-Plus Marine Supply, Inc. All divers should check their gear to ensure that they do not own one of these hoses.

When a wetsuit isn’t as comfortable as advertised or a pair of fins lose their finish, the result is little more than dissatisfaction on the part of the Pennsylvania consumer. This recall, however, focuses on a life-threatening concern that could have deadly repercussions. This product has not led to injuries as of the time of this report, and it is hoped that word will spread throughout the diving community before an incident takes place. Unfortunately, when products such as this fail to function properly, there is little recourse left to surviving family members other than a wrongful death action against the manufacturer.

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