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Man sues Pennsylvania casino after drunk driving accident

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A unique personal injury claim is making Pennsylvania headlines. The man was involved in a drunk driving accident after he became intoxicated at a local casino. He left the casino and later crashed on the Interstate. Now he is suing the casino and is claiming his drunk driving accident was the fault of the casino.

The man's lawsuit blames the casino for giving him the alcoholic drinks, mostly for free, while he gambled and drank in the establishment for a long period of time.

He claims the casino should be required to pay for the injuries he sustained in the accident. The wreck caused injuries to the man's neck, back and one of his shoulders. It is claimed that his drunk driving accident was caused by "excessive intoxication" directly caused by the casino continuing to serve him alcohol after he was already "visibly intoxicated."

His lawsuit comes only a few days after he began to serve his house arrest sentence after a guilty plea to a second drunk driving offense. At the time of the wreck, the man had a blood alcohol level of .23 percent, which is almost three times the state's legal limit. The man is seeking over $50,000 in his suit. He claims that the casino violated its own policies and also those of the Pennsylvania Liquor Code when it over-served him. As such, he claims negligence on the part of the casino.

Regardless of someone's personal feelings about this Pennsylvania lawsuit, the reverse type of filing happens quite often. Family members often level lawsuits against establishments that serve alcohol after a drunk driving accident that another person may have caused. It has yet to be seen whether this man's suit will be successful, but he will need to prove in court that the casino's actions were negligent and that they caused or contributed to the car accident which followed.

Source: Allentown Morning Call, "Allentown man sues Sands casino after drunken driving accident," Riley Yates, Oct. 23, 2012

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