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Pennsylvania truck accident claims trooper’s life near retirement

| Oct 20, 2012 | Truck Accidents |

Flags surrounding the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg Pennsylvania were flown at half staff recently following the tragic death of a state trooper. This trooper was the 94th to be killed in the line of duty in Pennsylvania. The truck accident remains under investigation to establish if there will be any criminal charges against the driver of the truck.

According to the police reports, the truck’s driver ran a stop sign just after 10 a.m. The investigation will focus on the specifics of the fatal accident and attempt to confirm the cause of the crash. It is unclear at this time if any other witnesses were present that may contribute to the investigation.

The trooper has been on the force since 1988 and leaves behind a wife and two children. With his retirement just a few months away, the family will understandably be traumatized at the unexpected loss so close to the end of his service. Officers accept the challenges and dangers present every day on the job, but nothing can prepare a family when they lose a loved one that has sworn to protect others.

Depending on the results of the truck accident investigation, the truck driver may face criminal charges. In addition to death benefits the family may receive as a result of the officer’s death, Pennsylvania law provides for the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit based on evidence of negligence. If the family is able to establish that the truck driver negligently caused the fatal accident, our courts will consider claims for monetary damages, including pain and suffering occasioned by the tragedy.

Source: New Jersey Herald, “Pennsylvania state trooper on patrol dies in crash,” Oct. 4, 2012