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Date Set for Hearing on Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

| Sep 20, 2012 | New Ruling From Court |

The Honorable Robert Simpson, Jr., Judge of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, has set a date for a hearing following the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision two days ago, which vacated his earlier order wherein Judge Simpson did not preliminarily enjoin the implementation of the controversial Pennsylvania Voter ID law because he predicted that the Commonwealth would be able to remedy the problems with voter disenfranchisement resulting from the expeditious implementation of the law. The Voter ID Law, if enforced in the November Presidential election on November 6, 2012, would prevent any voter who did not have the requisite photo identification from voting.

It appears the hearing before Judge Simpson will take place Tuesday morning in Harrisburg’s Pennsylvania Judicial Center. If a second day is required, Judge Simpson will likely reconvene two days later on Thursday.

Per the Order issued by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court majority, Judge Simpson is to issue a ruling on or before October 2, 2012, and any further appeals will be reviewed on an expedited basis.

Regardless of the outcome, Easton and Bethlehem attorneys from Hof & Reid LLC, Daniel E. Cohen and Jill Kelly McComsey, intend to stand behind the oath they took to uphold the Constitution by volunteering at the polls on election day to ensure that voters, regardless of their political affiliation, are not improperly turned away.

Reference: Pennsylvania judge sets resumption of Voter ID case