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Busy highways increase risk of bus accidents

Many Pennsylvania residents use buses to get around. They are an efficient way to transport large groups, whether for commuting to work or traveling the countryside. Unfortunately, bus accidents can result in multiple injuries. 

Recently, a transit bus was involved in an accident on I-79. Though the transit authority that ran the bus service declined to comment, emergency responders confirm that there were injuries to passengers on the bus. Passengers that did not suffer serious injuries waited for another bus to transport them from the scene, and the accident caused significant travel delays on the highway. The accident remains under investigation. 

Motorcycle accidents can result from unrelated crime

Pennsylvania drivers are probably aware that when they take to the roads, they must take proper precautions to avoid causing a serious crash. Paying close attention to traffic and following laws can go a long way to prevent injuries and damage to vehicles. Unfortunately, when drivers choose to participate in illegal activity on the streets, there is an increased risk of fatal motorcycle accidents.

Just days ago, two drivers decided to engage in an illegal street race near Philadelphia. As the cars sped off into the night, one of the drivers struck a motorcycle head-on. The driver of the motorcycle was killed as a result of injuries suffered at the hands of the irresponsible drivers. 

Car accident results in manslaughter charges

The Keystone State is home to some of the most scenic roads in the nation. A drive through Pennsylvania boasts both rural and urban landscapes that could be the photo on a postcard. Though usually a pleasurable experience, Pennsylvania roads can also be dangerous, and there is always the risk of a serious car accident.

Recently, a Pennsylvania man was charged with the death of a woman directly caused by his failure to properly negotiate a turn. He was unable to keep his pickup truck in the proper lane, and struck another vehicle driven by the 53-year-old woman. She suffered injuries so severe that she died as a result. 

Bus accidents seem to be on the rise, latest causes injury

Many Pennsylvania residents rely on mass transportation to get from place to place. Part of the reason for this is that there are a multitude of people living in urban areas who have little use or space for a personal vehicle. Others may not have a driver's license and rely on trains, buses and other methods of public travel. Though convenient, riders are often at serious risk because bus accidents can be particularly devastating. 

Recently, the driver of a car crashed into a Port Authority bus near Springdale. Several people on the bus suffered injury as a result of the crash. The driver of the car at fault fled the scene. 

Truck accident injures PennDot employee

With the amount of traffic that makes its way through Pennsylvania each summer ever-increasing, the upkeep of the state's roads is an important task. This can be a dangerous job, as PennDot workers often find themselves standing alongside highway traffic, often in construction zones or other altered traffic patterns. When people are exposed on the open road, every precaution must be taken to avoid a truck accident.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation utilizes a large vehicle called a crash truck. The truck is situated between traffic and workers, and is equipped with lights and flags meant to alert drivers to be careful and provide a barrier between people and vehicles. Recently, a tractor-trailer slammed into a crash truck. 

Suspected drug activity leads to serious car accident

Pennsylvania drivers are surely aware that whenever the rubber meets the road, there is the potential for a crash. Though most drivers do their best to obey traffic laws and practice defensive driving, on some occasions a serious car accident can be the result of another unrelated crime. In these cases, an innocent victim can suffer injuries. 

Recently, Pennsylvania police attempted to stop a vehicle operated by a man they later learned was allegedly involved in illegal drug activity. The driver reportedly refused to yield to the officers, and led them on a high speed chase up Toll Route 66. As the chase quickened, the suspect began to travel the wrong way into oncoming traffic in an attempt to avoid capture. The officers followed, utilizing their lights and sirens to warn innocent drivers of the danger. 

Man left for dead following car accident

Pennsylvania drivers know that when an accident occurs, any vehicles that are not completely disabled should be moved to the side of the roadway, and any people involved should wait for help to arrive. After a car accident, the side of the road is a dangerous place to be. Other drivers may not yet be aware that there is an accident ahead. People and vehicles are at risk of being struck by passing traffic. 

Recently on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, a car carrying three people was involved in an accident. They were able to move the vehicle to the shoulder, where one of the men got out of the car to inspect the damage to the vehicle. He was struck by a semitrailer as it passed by. 

Another truck accident on Route 160 raises alarm

Residents of Pennsylvania are certainly not unfamiliar with sharing the roads with large trucks. Several major highways run through the state and are part of the network of roads that keep our country running, shipping goods all over the United States. Unfortunately, some local roads are not equipped to handle the size and speed of modern trucks, and have become hot spots for a potential truck accident. 

In July, two people had to be flown to the hospital with serious injuries when a garbage truck lost control going down a hill on State Route 160. It flipped over, sliding into a tractor-trailer truck. The accident also caused a fuel spill that resulted in closure of the road, because the spill was hazardous to other drivers and the environment. This was not the first accident to occur on this road. 

Bus accidents a danger to drivers and pedestrians alike

Pennsylvania residents likely never consider that they may be seriously injured by a bus in their own home. Unfortunately, due to the large size of the vehicle involved, and the number of people that may be on board at any given time, bus accidents can have especially devastating results. Often occurring at a moment's notice, it can be nearly impossible for people to get out of the way in time to avoid serious injury or death, and the passengers on a bus have no control over the situation. 

In July, a SEPTA bus ran a red light near Philadelphia. The bus crashed into two cars, and continued careening all over the road before striking a residence. Sadly, three people in a pool in the yard of the home were struck by the bus. One man was killed instantly, while a woman and child suffered serious injuries. Two other people that were also in the yard had to be hospitalized as a result of injuries as well. 

SUV accidents involving pedestrian death caused by teen

Most Pennsylvania residents probably remember when they learned to drive. With so much critical information to take in, preparing a teen for the roads can be a daunting task. While drivers' education programs can certainly help, it often falls on a parent to supervise as a teen practices to take the driving test, and if the teen is learning in a larger vehicle, there is serious risk of SUV accidents.  

Even when parents stress the importance of safety to new drivers, things can turn tragic in an instant. Recently, a Pennsylvania woman was sitting in the passenger seat as a teen got some practice in at a local shopping center. She was driving an SUV. Unfortunately, the girl struck two pedestrians in the process, and both men suffered fatal injuries. 

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