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Victims of motorcycle accidents may be able to seek justice

Summer is in full swing, and Pennsylvania roads and highways are full of motorcycle enthusiasts, many of whom have waited all year for nice weather and an open road. Even experienced riders are at risk to become involved in motorcycle accidents. Many times, an accident is the fault of another driver. Obeying traffic laws, remaining alert, and wearing proper safety gear, such as a helmet, can help bikers stay safe, but the sad truth is motorcycle accidents happen with alarming frequency. 

Recently, a man with a female passenger in tow was riding his motorcycle through a Pennsylvania neighborhood. Suddenly, a pickup truck backed out of a driveway and struck the bike. The passenger was killed, and the driver of the motorcycle suffered injuries. 

New technology aims to decrease danger during bus accidents

Summer vacation is in full swing, but "back to school" is right around the corner. Pennsylvania residents may have noticed that many stores already have the backpacks, crayons and other school supplies on display as parents prepare to send their children off to a new semester in just a month. It is estimated that about 26 million children use school buses each day, and bus accidents remain a major concern. 

One Pennsylvania company provided statistics showing that each year, there are almost 400 school bus fires in the United States. Parents may be shocked to find out that most buses are not equipped with safety features to suppress a fire in the event that a crash or malfunction occurs. Experts now want these buses to be fitted with fire suppression technology, especially since fires on a bus have caused fatalities to children in the past. 

Truck accident injures multiple people

Many cities and towns in Pennsylvania offer public transportation. Whether a person is a tourist that does not know his or her way around, a daily commuter or a person that just needs a lift, taking the bus is a common way to get from place to place in the Keystone State. While certainly an efficient mode of transportation, people may not be aware of the danger they may be in, especially in the event of a truck accident

Recently, a bus full of passengers was making its way around downtown Pittsburgh. Suddenly, a dump truck slammed into the rear of the bus. When authorities arrived on the scene, they found that at least five people had suffered injury. 

Injured in a truck accident? You may have legal recourse

Pennsylvania drivers might get nervous when driving through construction zones on busy highways. The state does its best to keep the roads in good shape, but sometimes, repairs must be made during times when traffic is heavy. Construction on the interstate frequently leads to changes in traffic patterns, and drivers must remain alert to try to avoid a serious car or truck accident.

Recently, the driver of a tractor trailer was traveling along a busy Pennsylvania road, with his son in tow. The driver failed to stop for construction ahead. The large truck slammed into three smaller passenger vehicles. 

Truck accident kills young boy, leaving family grief stricken

School is out, and Pennsylvania children are enjoying all that summer has to offer. Whether a trip to the local park or a long drive to an out-of-town vacation, families everywhere are loading up the car and hitting the road. With summer months often bringing heavier traffic, drivers should remain vigilant. Even when proper precautions are taken and drivers obey traffic laws, there is no guarantee one will not become the victim of a fatal car or truck accident

Recently, a Pennsylvania boy who had just celebrated his 4th birthday with friends and family was riding in a vehicle with his babysitter and her father. Suddenly, and for unknown reasons, a huge dump truck swerved across the center line into oncoming traffic. The dump truck hit the vehicle the three were in head-on, and sadly, all three persons in the passenger vehicle were killed. 

Bus accidents: How dangerous is your commute?

Public transportation is a preferred method of travel for many Pennsylvania residents. Each day, people use buses to get to and from the places they need to be. Especially in big cities, where traffic can be heavy and parking is often difficult to find, riding the bus is meant to be a safe and practical way to get around. Unfortunately, bus accidents can leave passengers injured and frightened. 

Passengers on a bus are often helpless in the event of a crash. The driver of the bus is responsible for all the lives on board, and when an accident happens, passengers may literally not know what hit them. A recent incident remains under investigation. 

Can motorcycle accidents be prevented?

Pennsylvania residents are welcoming the arrival of summer. School is out, and so is the sun. People are looking forward to being out and about, and even daily errands can seem less mundane when there is the chance of stumbling upon a food truck, yard sale or other unexpected treat. Unfortunately, not all unexpected summer happenings are fun, and in the case of motorcycle accidents, what began as an enjoyable ride can end in injury or death. 

Recently, a man driving a motorcycle was stopped at an intersection, waiting for his turn. An 85-year-old man driving a car struck him. The man on the motorcycle suffered injuries so severe that he was killed. 

Truck accident prevention: A competition for professional drivers

Pennsylvania will play host for a special competition this year. The National Truck Driving Championship will be held in August. This is an annual event to find the best truck drivers in the nation. In order to compete, a driver must be truck accident free for at least one year. 

The competition is a chance for truck drivers to show off the skills they use each day on the road. There are written tests as well as behind-the-wheel events. There are different categories to accommodate different types of trucks, and drivers and fans look forward to cheering on the competitors, as the "cameraderie" between the competitors is a major reason folks look forward to attending. 

Fatal motorcycle accidents: who is at fault?

Summer is right around the corner, and motorcycle enthusiasts are looking forward to getting out for a ride and exploring Pennsylvania. Whether traveling solo, with a passenger, or in a group, riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable way to get out and about and enjoy the open road. The potential for motorcycle accidents is a serious concern, and even if a rider is wearing a helmet and proper safety gear, he or she can be severely injured or killed in the event of a crash. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania man in his early 20s was traveling up the road on his motorcycle. An SUV made a left turn across his lane of travel. Unable to stop in time, the man on the motorcycle crashed into the side of the SUV. 

Avoid motorcycle accidents: bikers save lives

There are many groups or clubs in Pennsylvania that may be misjudged or have a reputation that is undeserved. Bikers often fall into this category. The truth is, most motorcycle enthusiasts are just regular people who enjoy a common hobby. When bikers take to the road, they risk their lives, and motorcycle accidents can hurt or kill good people. 

Especially during the warmer months, many bikers may travel in a group on Pennsylvania roads. Even if a biker is wearing a helmet, he or she can suffer serious injury or death in the event of an accident. Drivers should do their best to protect these individuals, because many are brave and heroic citizens. 

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