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Rollovers a frightening factor in SUV accidents

Pennsylvania drivers have certainly noticed the crowded highways in recent weeks. Holiday travel on top of daily commutes can lead to traffic congestion. When road conditions are far from ideal, and winter weather may be a factor, drivers need to remain alert. SUV accidents remain a chief concern because the design of the vehicle can lead to an increased chance of a rollover during a crash. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania man was driving his SUV northbound on I-79. As he slowed to prepare for the traffic ahead, where other vehicles were merging off an exit ramp, his vehicle was struck from behind by another driver. The impact caused his SUV to swerve, and after striking the median, it began to roll. 

Bus accidents cause serious pedestrian injuries

Pennsylvania is home to several large colleges and universities. Many of these campuses are nestled in big cities, such as Pittsburgh. These cities often have several forms of public transit, like buses, to help residents avoid the hassle of maintaining personal transportation and parking. Unfortunately, bus accidents continue to increase in frequency across the state. 

Recently, a female student from the University of Pittsburgh was crossing the street close to campus. The campus is quite large, and it is not uncommon for pedestrians to be crossing at any hour of the day. As she made her way across, she was struck by a Port Authority bus. 

Tractor trailer accident involves nine vehicles

Pennsylvania drivers are once again preparing for wintry weather. In a state that is no stranger to snow, ice and other weather related hazards, most drivers know extra caution should be used during the winter months. Not all accidents are weather related, and a recent tractor trailer accident was proven to be the fault of a careless driver. 

The tragedy began when a tractor trailer driver failed to stop as he was approaching heavy traffic. He crashed into the back of a passenger vehicle, causing a chain reaction. The next five vehicles in line, whose drivers had come to a proper stop, crashed into each other. The tractor trailer then swerved, striking another large truck on the shoulder of the road. 

Truck accident robs couple of their "happily ever after"

A wedding is typically one of the most memorable and important life events a person may ever experience. For many Pennsylvania couples, their wedding day is the beginning of a wonderful life as a united family. In a tragic twist of fate, a truck accident not only ruined their wedding day but, far worse, claimed their young lives. 

The couple was traveling to Pittsburgh, the city set to host their long awaited wedding ceremony. Sadly, a truck accident occurred on a Pennsylvania  interstate before they reached their destination. A large tractor-trailer failed to slow as the driver approached traffic congestion ahead. 

Car accident statistics show increase since 2017

Each year, thousands of Pennsylvania residents make travel plans during the holiday season. For those who choose to drive to their destination, the risk of a car accident seems to be at an all-time high across the state. Each year, law enforcement provides statistics for the number and nature of accidents in the days leading up to a major holiday. 

The numbers have come in for Thanksgiving weekend 2018. The total number of car accidents was more than the previous year, as were the numbers of deaths and serious injuries. In only four days, the reports of car accidents across Pennsylvania were recorded in the thousands. This was observed to be over 13 percent higher than the previous year's total. 

Authorities warn bus accidents are on the rise

Holiday travel can result in more accidents than usual. Many people make plans to see friends and family, or journey to a new exciting destination during the winter months. Though taking a bus can be a convenient way for large groups of people to travel, authorities warn that bus accidents are on the rise across Pennsylvania. 

One stretch of Pennsylvania roadway has been the scene of three bus accidents in the last year alone. Most recently, a terrible crash that killed a woman was revealed to have been caused by the careless bus driver, allegedly under the influence at the time the accident occurred. Over a dozen people suffered injury as a result, and one passenger lost her life.  

Signs you experienced a concussion from your car accident

Auto accidents occur every day in Pennsylvania, and while they do not always result in fatalities, they can wreak havoc in a litany of ways. One such example occurred recently when a tractor-trailer ran into utility poles along Route 100. Fortunately, no one sustained injuries. 

One of the most common injuries people sustain after an auto accident is a concussion. The problem with this injury is that many people remain unaware they received a concussion until much later. This is why it is critical to see a doctor promptly. Even when you do not actively show signs of a concussion, a doctor can identify one. In the weeks and months following the collision, you should keep an eye out for the following symptoms. 

Truck accident kills pedestrian

Winter is extending its icy reach toward Pennsylvania, but the holiday shopping season is just heating up. This time of year, it is common for people to make their way on foot, from shop to shop or across crowded parking lots. Drivers need to be on the lookout for pedestrians, and sadly, days ago, one was killed in a truck accident.

The tragedy unfolded as a male pedestrian made his way across a Pennsylvania parking lot. He was struck by a dump truck. When police arrived, they found his broken body on the ground. 

Bus accidents continue to plague the state

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and the coming weeks are a popular time for people to travel in Pennsylvania and across the country. The roads become more crowded than usual when daily traffic is compounded by people going to see family, taking a shopping trip or delivering packages. Though bus accidents are always a concern, more traffic means more risk of a crash. 

Recently, a bus occupied by eight passengers was involved in a collision. Initial reports indicate that a delivery driver in a large truck was lost, trying to find a local post office. As he attempted to locate his destination, he swerved over the line on the road into another lane. He struck the bus as a result. 

Child pedestrian victim in fatal car accident

Communities across Pennsylvania are in shock as the news spreads about a recent tragedy. A young boy, reported to be in second grade, was killed in a car accident. The child, a pedestrian waiting for his daily school bus to arrive, was struck by a car. 

The driver of the car did not stop to render aid, but claimed later to be unaware of what had occurred. The child was discovered dead at the scene by the bus driver, who arrived a short time later. The bus driver immediately called for help, but nothing could be done to save the boy. 

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