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New information about infamous bus accident

A few weeks ago, a story about a serious crash involving a bus in Pennsylvania made national headlines. Several people were killed and about 60 were seriously injured when a bus went off the road and crashed into several large trucks. Investigators pledged to discover as many details as they could about the bus accident, and have recently shared news of some new clues in the case. 

On the morning the accident occurred, snow was falling on the Pennsylvania highway. Authorities say that the speed limit is usually 70 mph, but signs along the highway advised drivers to travel at a lower speed. Though it remains unclear exactly how fast the bus was traveling when the driver lost control and veered off the road, it has been confirmed that the driver and at least two passengers died in the crash. 

Tips to prevent motorcycle accidents

Safety Law Awareness Week is an annual initiative by the Pennsylvania State Police to remind and inform drivers about lesser-known traffic laws. Law enforcement hopes that education will go a long way to prevent serious crashes and motorcycle accidents. In addition to general laws that apply to all motorists, like wearing a seat belt and slowing down or changing lanes to avoid striking first responders or police that may be on the side of the road, there are specific laws that apply to motorcycles. 

Motorcycle helmet laws in Pennsylvania can be tricky to understand. Current law states that a helmet must be worn unless a rider is at least 21 years old and one of two subsequent conditions applies. A driver 21 or older can decide not to use a helmet if he or she has at least two years of riding experience or has completed a PennDot-approved safety course. This law also applies to passengers. 

Truck accident with entrapment demonstrates frightening reality

Pennsylvania drivers are used to seeing big trucks on the highway. Several major highways that are paramount to national shipping efficiency run through the Keystone State. While most trucks manage to get from point A to point B without incident, a truck accident remains a scary possibility for drivers statewide. 

The Pennsylvania State Police recently reported a serious truck accident on Interstate 90. Press releases to date have not provided many clues as to the details of the crash, but several facts are known. A small passenger car was involved with a big tractor-trailer, and the driver of the car was trapped inside the damaged vehicle. 

An overloaded big rig is a danger to Pennsylvania motorists

Perhaps you are a frequent traveler on Route 22, Interstate 80 or another of our area’s busy highways and have gotten used to driving alongside 18-wheelers.

You trust in the experience of a professional truck driver, but what if that is an overloaded vehicle? A big rig carrying too much cargo is a danger to motorists on Pennsylvania roads.

SUV accidents have potential for serious destruction

In most parts of Pennsylvania, winter has been considerably mild, at least through the beginning of February. Drivers across the Keystone State have likely enjoyed not having to contend with as much snow and ice as they usually experience during the winter months.  One might think that favorable driving conditions reduce the number of serious car and SUV accidents, and while that may be somewhat true, driver error is still a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. 

Recently, a motorist made a serious mistake that resulted in a multi-vehicle crash. According to Pennsylvania law enforcement, the driver entered Route 30 in Lancaster County by using an exit ramp. The SUV driver hit at least two vehicles before coming to a stop, causing a chain reaction crash. 

Local man struggles to get details about car accident

After a crash, there is usually a police investigation to establish the facts of the situation. An investigation usually will establish who was at fault, what caused the crash and if anyone involved will be charged with a crime. One Pennsylvania man is frustrated and claims to be having trouble accessing important information about a car accident in which he was the victim. 

The man states that he was relaxing in his home after a long shift at work. Before he knew what had happened, his home was all but destroyed. A vehicle had torn through his yard, uprooted some of his plants, ruined the pipe that carried heat to the pellet stove he relied on to warm his house, and damaged his home. 

Are some roads car accident prone? State police say yes

Pennsylvania state police have recently confirmed that some roadways within the Keystone State have a statistically higher number of crashes than others. Obviously, there is potential for a serious car accident anywhere the rubber meets the road, but there are apparently several factors that increase the risk on certain stretches of road. In an effort to raise awareness and encourage drivers to be extra cautious, police have offered some inside knowledge for drivers. 

Some roadways usually have heavier traffic than others. Police say more traffic can equate to less room between vehicles, which decreases the amount of time drivers have to brake, change lanes or otherwise maneuver to avoid a collision. There may also be more large trucks on certain highways. These large vehicles need more time to stop, and this fact is supported by several crashes already this year, including a pileup that had at least 15 of these trucks involved. 

Woman admits to intentional car accident

Under most circumstances, a driver tries to avoid a crash by driving safely and following the laws. Recently, a strange exception to the norm made headlines in Pennsylvania. In a seemingly baffling case, a woman admits to causing a car accident, and her explanation caused a judge to take pause. 

Police responded to a head-on collision on January 7, 2019. A woman crossed over into oncoming traffic, striking a vehicle with three people inside. As these people were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries suffered, investigators soon realized this crash was not really an accident at all. 

SUV accidents: bigger isn't always better

Choosing a vehicle can be a difficult task. In states like Pennsylvania, where a driver may have to navigate through all sorts of weather conditions over the course of a year, an SUV may be an attractive choice. These vehicles are often featured in commercials that show an SUV hauling an entire family comfortably while climbing a precarious mountainside or crossing a small stream, but advertisers do not often feature realistic looking SUV accidents

Certainly, an SUV can be a handy way to get a group of people or large load of cargo from one place to another. Modern models are relatively fuel-efficient and offer a variety of safety features. Buyers should be aware that even some of the features that make these vehicles reliable, like four-wheel drive, often have to be engaged before starting out, and for daily driving, they aren't safer than smaller passenger cars, and may even be more prone to overturn during a crash. 

Can a "bright" idea prevent an auto accident?

Automotive technology has progressed over time, making today's cars far safer than their earlier predecessors. Each year, manufacturers have added and tweaked most standard vehicle features to decrease the likelihood of serious injury or death in the event of an auto accident. The state of Pennsylvania has even become a place where self-driving cars are tested. Recently, one company launched a new product to improve a vehicle feature that has remained relatively unchanged since it's inception. 

Drivers have likely all experienced the moment when the sun inconveniently glares across the windshield. When this happens, drivers have to choose between rummaging through the car for sunglasses or flipping the sun visor down. Many drivers do not like to use the sun visor because it can also block a driver's view of the road ahead. Obstructed vision can easily lead to an auto accident. 

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