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Family of car accident victim speaks to judge before sentencing

When a Pennsylvania motor vehicle collision results in fatality, it is devastating for friends and family members of the victim. Coping with the sudden death of a loved one is difficult because family members have zero time to prepare such as they might in a case of terminal illness, for instance. Loved ones and friends of a 19-year-old girl who was killed in a car accident last year recently spoke in court before the judge sentenced the man deemed responsible for her death.

The girl had been driving along a highway just moments before her fatal injuries occurred. A vehicle from an opposing lane suddenly veered over the yellow line and smashed into her car. The person behind the wheel of that vehicle was later determined to have a blood alcohol content level that was twice the legal limit.

Bus accidents are especially tragic when kids are involved

Pennsylvania parents whose children ride buses to school certainly expect that the drivers transporting their kids will adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations. Current data shows traveling by school bus is safer than trying to get to school by car. There is not much a bus driver can do about other motorists who happen to be sharing their roadways, however. Many bus accidents occur because drivers in other vehicles are negligent or reckless.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that less than 1% of all fatal traffic accidents in the United States involve school buses. It says that students are at least 70 times safer traveling on school buses than in other types of vehicles. Even so, on average, six children die every year because of injuries resulting from school bus collisions.

Crime and a car accident: Where the robber meets the road

Fans of action movies or television series that feature a police chase or vehicle pursuit may think it all looks rather exciting, as drivers weave in and out of traffic, dodging vehicles, explosions and other obstacles to catch the bad guy and save the day. While certainly, these scenes make for exciting television, in real life, a fleeing suspect can mean innocent people and local heroes could suffer injuries in a car accident. A recent incident in Pennsylvania underscores the danger a real car chase involves. 

Reportedly, Pennsylvania police spotted a vehicle they suspected was driven by a man that had just committed a robbery at a nearby residence. Police initiated a pursuit when the driver refused to yield. Since other drivers and pedestrians were at risk, some officers tried to get ahead of the suspect while others chased from behind, in an attempt to box the vehicle in and capture the man. 

Detective investigating motorcycle accident.

Pennsylvania students have gone back to school, and that means school buses are back on the roads. Drivers should be prepared to watch for children in or near the street, and remain alert for frequent stops. Recently, a school bus was involved in a motorcycle accident, and the driver of the motorcycle suffered serious injuries. 

The vehicle of a driver -- a former Marine -- who was not involved in the accident was equipped with a dash cam that recorded the entire incident. Though police have not yet stated which party was officially at fault, the video shows that the bus was turning around when it collided with the motorcycle as it came down a hill. Apparently, an electric truck was in the vicinity and may have made it difficult for the other drivers to see obstacles ahead. 

Fire chief tries to help, gets injured in car accident

First responders save lives, and Pennsylvania residents honor and respect the brave men and women who put their own lives on the line each day to help others. Usually, first responders such as EMTs and fire personnel rush to the scene of a car accident to render aid to victims that might be injured or trapped. A recent story explains how a fire chief was injured while trying to stop a criminal.

In a nearby building, a man sitting at his desk heard a loud noise. Thinking a car accident had occurred, he rushed outside and began to record video. Apparently, a man driving a pickup truck had smashed head-on into another vehicle. Soon, rescue workers arrived, but as they began to assess the situation, the man that caused the accident attempted to flee the scene, even after a wheel fell off his vehicle. A fire chief attempted to get him to stop, but the man kept driving, pinning the fire chief between his vehicle and a fire truck, which caused the fire chief to suffer injury. 

Friend admits to causing fatal auto accident

A night out with friends at a favorite local haunt can be a great way for adult friends to unwind after a stressful week or to reconnect after time apart. Grabbing a few drinks and some grub is a great way to get the gang back together. While it's certainly fine for patrons over the age of 21 to purchase and consume alcohol in Pennsylvania, it is against the law to drink and drive with a blood-alcohol content over the statutory limit. A recent story warns drivers of what can happen when someone breaks this law and causes a fatal auto accident. 

A Pennsylvania man admittedly consumed about 15 drinks while out with friends. According to witnesses, the group was asked to leave the establishment. At this point, the man in question, a 26-year-old, insisted to the rest of the group that he was fine to drive, and the friends loaded into his car. 

Police ramp up efforts to prevent bus accidents

A new school year is nearly underway, and thousands of Pennsylvania students will soon be climbing aboard the bus. Many children rely on a bus to get them to and from school safely each day, but unfortunately, bus accidents are a common occurrence. The start of the new school year may also be the start of stiffer penalties for drivers. 

Some locations in Pennsylvania will have more severe consequences for motorists who do not obey laws regarding school buses. Drivers need to remain alert. When a bus displays flashing lights and the stop sign, it is against the law to pass the bus from either direction. A stop sign on a school bus must be treated as any stop sign, and drivers may only continue when the bus driver closes the sign, indicating that all children boarding or exiting the bus are safely off the road. 

Motorcycle accident may have been caused by road rage

While riding a motorcycle can be quite a thrill, not every ride is pleasurable. Most drivers, regardless of what sort of vehicle they drive, can likely call to mind an occasion in which a fellow driver grated on their last nerve. Road rage is a serious problem, and drivers sometimes react to an annoyance without considering the potential danger. A recent story about a road rage incident in Pennsylvania ended in a fatal motorcycle accident. 

The crash is still under investigation, but police have confirmed a few details. It seems that a motorcycle was behind a car when the driver of the motorcycle became angry. According to the driver of the car, the man on the motorcycle pulled up alongside his car and attempted to cause physical damage to the vehicle. The motorcycle driver then flew around and passed the car. 

Motorcycle accidents: Driver admits hitting biker on purpose

The weather has been beautiful in Pennsylvania, and motorcyclists are taking the opportunity to hit the open road. Signs and educational initiatives encourage fellow motorists to look out for motorcycles and drive safely, and motorcycle drivers can stay safe by wearing helmets and obeying traffic laws. Still, motorcycle accidents hurt or kill riders each year. 

A recent news story out of Pennsylvania raises cause for concern. A man riding a motorcycle was struck by another vehicle and the rider was grievously injured. Shockingly, when police and rescue workers arrived on the scene to render aid, it was discovered the crash was not an accident at all. 

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