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Semi truck accident consequences can be life-altering

Being sandwiched between two big rigs on a Pennsylvania highway is a scary experience. A semi truck accident between a big rig and a passenger car often serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of drivers and passengers occupying smaller vehicles in these situations. Answers to the question of who is to blame vary, depending on who is asked.

Trucking companies are often accused of setting unreasonable targets, causing commercial truck drivers to be fatigued and distracted while hauling their cargo. However, truckers often report that passenger vehicle drivers are reckless in the way they navigate the roadways around semitrailers. The reality is that occupants of passenger vehicles are typically worse off in collisions involving big rigs, and it would be smart for drivers to heed safety tips provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and other authorities.

Passengers killed in motorcycle accidents deserve justice

Pennsylvania boasts some of the most scenic highways and byways in the nation, and has a long-standing reputation as a state with a thriving community of motorcycle enthusiasts. Many bikers attest that going for a motorcycle ride on a nice day can't be beat, and some choose to share the thrill by taking a passenger along for the ride. Unfortunately, passengers are at serious risk to become the victims of motorcycle accidents, particularly because their lives are in the hands of the driver. 

In 2016, a Pennsylvania woman was a passenger on a motorcycle, likely having a wonderful time and enjoying the ride. The driver lost control and crashed, sending the bike over a curb. The driver was injured, but the female passenger lost her life. 

Bus accidents: Is your child safe?

Winter has taken Pennsylvania by storm, with the recent polar vortex pounding much of the state with freezing temperatures and inclement weather. When the forecast warns of snow and ice, school districts must decide if action in the form of a cancellation, delay or early release is appropriate. When the school day is already underway and bad weather strikes, students are at risk to become the victims of bus accidents

Last week, a Pennsylvania high school student was riding the bus as usual when disaster struck. According to reports, road conditions became perilous due to weather. The driver of the school bus lost control and the bus full of students careened off the roadway and crashed into a wooded area. 

Lower the risk for Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle enthusiasts may find the scenic highways of Pennsylvania an optimum choice of location for their next excursion. Most conscientious riders understand that they must be proactive to improve safety and avoid motorcycle accidents. Although state highways are often beautiful, open roads, they can be heavily traffic-laden and quite hazardous for motorcyclists.

It is always best to wear safety gear when riding, including a helmet, gloves, long pants and a long-sleeved jacket. Riding a motorcycle in tennis shoes and shorts definitely increases the risk of serious injury should a crash occur. Just as drivers of cars or trucks must adhere to traffic regulations, motorcyclists must do the same.

Truck accident injures 2, details puzzling

Many Pennsylvania residents may think that if they are seated in a parked car, they are relatively safe. Unfortunately, even if a person's vehicle is appropriately stopped in a parking spot, the occupants of the vehicle can become the victims of a truck accident. A recent case shines light on the type of danger a person in a parked car can face. 

The story begins with a man and woman seated in a parked vehicle, outside a local pub. For some reason, the driver of a large utility truck veered off the road and struck the car. From there, the details grew even stranger. The driver of the truck put his vehicle into reverse, and proceeded to ram the front of the pub over and over again. 

Blind spots may be lethal in SUV accidents

Pennsylvania residents experienced a blast of winter weather over the past several days. Inches of snow and ice piled up across the Keystone State, and in many districts, school was cancelled or delayed due to inclement conditions. Recently, a tragedy calls attention to the dangers of SUV accidents

At first glance, many drivers may think that an SUV is a safer option for winter driving. Granted, the ability to maneuver better on snowy or slick surfaces is a major selling point for Pennsylvania residents. Unfortunately, SUVs have dangers of their own. The large vehicles may have blind spots, and being seated higher may leave a driver with a glare from the sun. 

Car accident casts shadow on farm show

It's that time of year again, and the Pennsylvania Farm Show is underway in Harrisburg. For many families across the state, the farm show has become an annual tradition. With so much to see and do, it boasts attractions for people of any age, and families look forward to making the trip each year. Unfortunately for one family, a serious car accident ruined the day they had been looking forward to. 

The ordeal began when police performed a traffic stop on a vehicle with an expired registration. At first, the driver of the vehicle in question complied, pulling over and producing identification to officers. The officers then asked the man to turn his vehicle off. Instead, the driver sped off so quickly that he didn't even shut the door of the vehicle. 

Bus accidents already reported in 2019

Many Pennsylvania residents rely on public transportation to get back and forth each day. Sometimes, owning and maintaining a personal vehicle is not practical or affordable, and taking the bus is a good alternative. Many commuters enjoy riding the bus because they can sit back and relax while the bus driver gets them to their destination. Unfortunately, though, there is always a serious risk of bus accidents.

Recently, several passengers were injured when a Port Authority bus was involved in a crash. According to reports, the bus and three other vehicles became entangled in the wreck. The bus driver and at least three passengers were injured and required treatment at local hospitals. 

Truck accident kills 2, injures more

Pennsylvania residents may consider themselves fortunate to live in a part of the country that can quickly turn into a winter wonderland. While certainly, snow and ice can be pretty, they may be best enjoyed from the comfort of home. Driving during the winter can be stressful, and with decreased visibility and slippery roads, drivers have every reason to fear a serious car or truck accident

When preparing for a winter storm, it is not uncommon for more large trucks to be on the roads. Dump trucks, plows and other large vehicles can be used to make roads safer, but when one becomes involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle, the results can be devastating. Recently, a Pennsylvania road became the scene of tragedy. 

Car accident victim severely injured, recovery uncertain

As Pennsylvania residents ring in the New Year, many may be considering their hopes and plans for 2019. Some may set a personal goal to accomplish, while others may be looking ahead to warmer weather and booking a family vacation for the summer months. While certainly, it is enjoyable to look to the future, an unfortunate reality is that tragedy can strike at any moment, and a person's life can change forever if he or she becomes the victim of a car accident

Recently, a Pennsylvania man was riding his bicycle through a quiet neighborhood. As he approached an intersection, disaster struck. A male driver, reportedly under the influence, struck the cyclist.

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