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Pennsylvania SUV accidents can have severe consequences

A smaller sized SUV crossed over the center line of a Pennsylvania roadway, causing a head-on collision in Allentown on a recent Tuesday evening, officials report. The motor vehicle accident occurred at 7:47 p.m., just south of the local college. The first vehicle was traveling eastbound when it veered into oncoming traffic and collided with a larger-sized motor vehicle. SUV accidents such as this one have the potential for severe consequences.    

The driver of the larger SUV, a male, was ejected from his vehicle and rushed to the hospital with serious, but not life-threatening injuries. The driver of the other vehicle, also a male, was reported to have suffered minor injuries. Both vehicles received significant front-end damage.  

Police searching for driver in fatal hit-and-run car accident

Pennsylvania officials requested assistance from the public in their search for an unidentified driver of a pickup truck. The driver is wanted in connection with a fatal hit-and-run car accident that took the life of an 18-year-old woman. The driver in question also struck a male victim at the scene.

Police reported that two victims were found lying along the road in Bucks County shortly after the late evening collision. According to the surviving victim, the pair were struck by a man who was operating an older model pickup truck. The driver purportedly exited the vehicle long enough to help move the female victim off of the street's surface. He then got back in his truck and fled the scene.

Truck accident: 11 injured, 2 seriously, when tanker hits 9 cars

Truck safety rules are generally enforced by state authorities, including in Pennsylvania. A trucking company can sustain penalties and restrictions if it fails to comply with all safety regulations or where its vehicles are involved in an inordinate number of accidents within a state. One company with a questionable record became embroiled in additional safety inquiries after one of its tractor trailers was involved in a serious truck accident.

The accident occurred on the William Penn Highway in Churchill in the western part of the state at about 1 p.m. on Nov. 17. The tanker truck, which belongs to a local trucking company, was merging onto the highway after exiting from the Parkway East. While going down the hill off the exit, the driver reports having lost his brakes, causing him to crash into a line of cars stopped at a red light.

Illegal passing on narrow road causes auto accident

A two-lane highway in Pennsylvania and elsewhere typically has one lane going in one direction and the other lane going in the opposite direction. There are generally no additional lanes for passing. An auto accident can easily occur on such a roadway when drivers fail to take strict precautionary measures to avoid mishaps.

That is apparently what happened on Nov. 24 on a two-lane road in Lower Chanceford Township at about 10 p.m. The driver of a car illegally moved into the other lane to pass a pickup truck in front of it. The driver of the car apparently did not see what was ahead since the accident occurred at the crest of a hill where passing was prohibited.

How to avoid truck accidents and wrongful death

When it comes to motor vehicle collisions in Bethlehem, knowing the difference between car and truck accidents is crucial. Both types of collisions can cause serious damage and harm to everyone involved, but truck accidents are more likely to cause wrongful death. 

You do not need to cause a truck accident for you or a family member to die. Many trucks collisions are the result of operator mistakes, negligence and faulty equipment. To reduce the chances of you and your loved one dying in a truck accident, consider the following safety tactics: 

Winter driving requires different approach to avoid car accident

As any experienced Pennsylvania driver is aware, the weather and road conditions can change suddenly during the winter months. In order to avoid being caught up in a serious car accident during this season, driving styles may need to be modified. There are simple steps that can help ensure that one arrives safely at his or her destination.

One of the first proactive steps is checking weather forecasts both for the area one is leaving and at the destination site. Being well-prepared for any road conditions may prevent either an accident caused by road conditions or mechanical failure. Additionally, remembering that posted speed limit signs are applicable to dry pavements and may not be safe for wet or snow-covered roads may be a prudent mindset.

Car accident involving ambulance kills Pennsylvania man

Regardless of how careful one is when driving, not every hazard can be avoided. A serious car accident often occurs with no warning and can leave devastation in the aftermath. Even those who are dedicated to saving lives can be caught up in these horrific collisions as a recent Pennsylvania crash demonstrated.

The wreck occurred along Route 62 in Mercer County as motorists were headed out in the early morning. The accident report indicated that an 83-year-old man was proceeding east along the route when his vehicle abruptly left its travel lane and veered over into the westbound lanes. There, his vehicle hit an ambulance that was traveling west. In an effort to avoid colliding with the car, the driver of the emergency vehicle attempted to swerve out of the way.

Person killed in Pennsylvania car accident involving semi-truck

No matter who one is or what he or she has accomplished in life, tragedy can strike without warning. One of the most unpredictable events that can turn lives upside down is a fatal car accident. Recently, a Pennsylvania family lost a loved one in a multi-vehicle crash.

Police have not released many details concerning the accident or what may lave lead to it as they are still conducting their investigation. The wreck apparently involved nine vehicles, one of which was a semi-truck that was carrying a load of frozen turkey. According to one witness, the driver of a car steered into the travel lane directly in front of the tractor-trailer.

Man found guilty of manslaughter in car accident that killed girl

Last November, four Pennsylvania children were walking home from school when tragedy struck. An 8-year-old was in the process of crossing the street with her older brother who was holding her hand when a car was suddenly hurtling directly toward them. The girl later died from the injuries she suffered in the car accident.

The driver, a 25-year-old man, was recently on trial for the fatal accident. He was initially charged with vehicular homicide, along with several other serious charges. After spending several hours in deliberations, the jury returned with an acquittal on the homicide charge but did find the driver guilty of manslaughter and reckless driving.

SUV accidents can lead to serious injuries or death

Sport utility vehicles blend a truck's cargo carrying capacity with the passenger carrying capacity of a smaller enclosed vehicle. Consumers buy SUVs for their size and four-wheel drive capability. However, due to the large size and weight of these vehicles, those who are involved in SUV accidents face an increased risk of serious injury. Recently, one such accident in Pennsylvania claimed the life of one man.

According to reports from the Delaware County and Chester City police, the wreck was caused by an SUV driver who was eastbound on a local roadway. For reasons that are still unknown, the driver veered from his lane of travel and started driving east in the westbound lane. The SUV nearly collided with a small Volkswagon. However, the VW driver was able to take evasive actions in order to avoid a collision.

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