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Bus accidents: have you considered the risks to your child?

Recently, the state of Pennsylvania has put together an initiative headed by the state police and the Department of Education to call attention to the importance of school bus safety. Thousands of children ride the bus to school, sporting events and field trips. Other drivers must pay close attention to the lights and stop signs, and if a driver does not follow the laws, the penalty can be hefty, but worse, children could be seriously injured or killed. With all the attention focused on other drivers, parents may not have considered the possibility that the bus drivers themselves might cause bus accidents

Pennsylvania recently saw some severe weather, and in some areas, roads became flooded or washed out. Parents were enraged when they spotted a school bus driving through dangerously high flood water. It became clear that, even if other drivers are concerned about the safety of the children on board a bus, the bus driver may show poor judgement and cause a crash. 

Motorcycle accidents have high fatality rate

Many motorcycle enthusiasts have a difficult time explaining the feeling that they get when they hit the open road to a person that has never tried it. For many, a motorcycle ride is a favorite activity. A bit dangerous by nature, riding a motorcycle leaves bikers relatively exposed to the elements and other vehicles. Even if a motorcycle rider wears a helmet and other protective gear and does his or her best to drive in an alert and courteous fashion, motorcycle accidents understandably have a higher rate of fatality than accidents involving other kinds of passenger vehicles. 

Recently, a 50-year-old man was driving through a small town in Pennsylvania on his motorcycle. Suddenly, a young driver, along with a passenger, backed out of a driveway in a car. The motorcycle had the right of way, but the the 25-year-old woman driving the car failed to stop and backed right into the path of the motorcycle, causing a collision. 

Rush to save a life causes car accident

Pennsylvania drivers know that when a rescue vehicle such as a fire truck, police car or ambulance hits the lights and sirens, other drivers should pull off to the side of the road as quickly and safely as they can. When an ambulance is carrying a victim in need if emergency treatment, every second counts. Rescue workers do their best to reach the hospital as soon as possible, but a recent rescue attempt actually caused a car accident

Reports indicate that a Pennsylvania ambulance was rushing a victim suffering from unknown injury or illness to a local hospital. As the ambulance driver attempted to maneuver through traffic, other drivers began to pull to the side to allow the ambulance to pass. As the ambulance passed the cars ahead, the ambulance driver hit the bumper of a passenger car.

Small car, big damage: car accident warrants highway closure

As the leaves begin to display brilliant colors that signal long dark nights and crisp cool weather, the Keystone State readies itself for the upcoming holiday season. This time of year, driving through Pennsylvania can be both beautiful and dangerous. As the temperatures dip and the weather becomes temperamental, drivers need to be wary of road conditions. Driving, even in ideal conditions, can result in a serious car accident that potentially affects a victim for a long time to come. 

A recent crash in Pennsylvania illustrates how one driver can cause damage so severe that a major highway was shut down for hours. When police responded to reports of an accident on I-81, it quickly became evident that lives were hanging on the balance. After an initial investigation, police determined that the driver of a passenger car had been following a pickup truck when it struck the back of the pickup, setting off a chain reaction of injury and damage. 

Motorcycle accidents put a damper on autumn fun

The air is crisp, and the autumnal foliage is nearing its most picturesque phase. For motorcycle enthusiasts in Pennsylvania, this may be the best time of the year to take a nice ride before winter weather and the holiday season take hold. Unfortunately, nice weather and beautiful views do not curb the potential for motorcycle accidents

Recently, a man was riding his motorcycle near the Poconos. As he approached a left turn, he slowed down to maneuver it safely. The driver in the large truck behind him failed to follow suit and crashed into the back of the motorcycle. 

Teen Trouble: Wayward youths cause serious car accident

Teens have a tendency to find trouble, and when bad behavior gets behind the wheel, innocent people might not see it coming. Recently, a pair of Pennsylvania teens went on a bit of a crime spree, first stealing a car, then running from the police and causing a serious car accident. Unfortunately, the teens have now learned a lesson about the dangers of breaking the law. 

The incident remains under investigation, but authorities believe they have the basic facts established. It seems that two Pennsylvania teens stole a vehicle and decided to take to the road. Police had been alerted that a car had been stolen, and when officers spotted a car that matched the description of the missing car, they attempted  to pull the vehicle over. 

Car accident involves different sort of lanes

Like anywhere else across the nation, Pennsylvania roads can be dangerous. While most accidents are caused by driver error, weather conditions or other relatively common hazards, a crash is occasionally caused by a person committing a crime. A recent car accident in the Keystone State left a local community bewildered. 

The trouble  began when police on patrol saw a pickup truck driver fail to signal before making a turn. They went after the vehicle and directed the driver to pull over. The driver apparently had other ideas and refused to yield to the commands. Instead police say he sped off in an attempt to evade them. 

Before riding, consider this information re motorcycle accidents

Sunshine and clear skies often beckon Pennsylvania motorcycle enthusiasts to go for a ride. In addition to riding for the pure fun of it all, many motorcyclists choose this form of transportation to commute to and from work nowadays. It saves gas money and often alleviates stress when trying to find a parking spot, as well. Sadly, however, motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence on state highways, so anyone considering this type of travel will want to review collision information before doing so.

In 2017, 14% of all traffic-related deaths involved motorcyclists. Equally concerning is the fact that many of those incidents were also alcohol-related. Males reportedly suffer fatal injuries in motorcycle collisions more often than females. Of course, that might be because men tend to travel by motorcycle more often than women.

SUV accident involving school bus shakes community

Autumn has officially arrived in Pennsylvania, and the excitement of a new school semester may have waned a bit. Students and parents have by now settled into a routine, and mundane moments like packing a lunch and catching the bus are just part of a normal day. Drivers might have also become less vigilant, and a recent SUV accident demonstrates how quickly such a mistake can cause injury or death.

A school bus was making its way around a Pennsylvania neighborhood, returning students to their homes after a long day at school. Suddenly, an SUV slammed into the bus head on. The bus was still carrying over a dozen children at the time of the crash. 

Oh, deer! Truck accident puts residents at risk

Pennsylvania residents know all too well that, when autumn arrives, so do the deer. For drivers, deer can be a surprise obstacle, as the creatures seem to pop out of nowhere right in front of a moving vehicle. Many roads within the state have signs indicating where deer frequently cross busy roads, but they can cross anywhere, and drivers must remain alert. Recently, a truck accident put an entire community at risk. 

Authorities arrived on the scene of a truck accident in Broome County. They quickly discovered that a large tractor trailer truck was mangled, and the driver was dead. Witnesses told investigators that the driver seemed to have swerved to avoid hitting a deer. 

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