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Are some roads car accident prone? State police say yes

Pennsylvania state police have recently confirmed that some roadways within the Keystone State have a statistically higher number of crashes than others. Obviously, there is potential for a serious car accident anywhere the rubber meets the road, but there are apparently several factors that increase the risk on certain stretches of road. In an effort to raise awareness and encourage drivers to be extra cautious, police have offered some inside knowledge for drivers. 

Some roadways usually have heavier traffic than others. Police say more traffic can equate to less room between vehicles, which decreases the amount of time drivers have to brake, change lanes or otherwise maneuver to avoid a collision. There may also be more large trucks on certain highways. These large vehicles need more time to stop, and this fact is supported by several crashes already this year, including a pileup that had at least 15 of these trucks involved. 

Woman admits to intentional car accident

Under most circumstances, a driver tries to avoid a crash by driving safely and following the laws. Recently, a strange exception to the norm made headlines in Pennsylvania. In a seemingly baffling case, a woman admits to causing a car accident, and her explanation caused a judge to take pause. 

Police responded to a head-on collision on January 7, 2019. A woman crossed over into oncoming traffic, striking a vehicle with three people inside. As these people were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries suffered, investigators soon realized this crash was not really an accident at all. 

SUV accidents: bigger isn't always better

Choosing a vehicle can be a difficult task. In states like Pennsylvania, where a driver may have to navigate through all sorts of weather conditions over the course of a year, an SUV may be an attractive choice. These vehicles are often featured in commercials that show an SUV hauling an entire family comfortably while climbing a precarious mountainside or crossing a small stream, but advertisers do not often feature realistic looking SUV accidents

Certainly, an SUV can be a handy way to get a group of people or large load of cargo from one place to another. Modern models are relatively fuel-efficient and offer a variety of safety features. Buyers should be aware that even some of the features that make these vehicles reliable, like four-wheel drive, often have to be engaged before starting out, and for daily driving, they aren't safer than smaller passenger cars, and may even be more prone to overturn during a crash. 

Can a "bright" idea prevent an auto accident?

Automotive technology has progressed over time, making today's cars far safer than their earlier predecessors. Each year, manufacturers have added and tweaked most standard vehicle features to decrease the likelihood of serious injury or death in the event of an auto accident. The state of Pennsylvania has even become a place where self-driving cars are tested. Recently, one company launched a new product to improve a vehicle feature that has remained relatively unchanged since it's inception. 

Drivers have likely all experienced the moment when the sun inconveniently glares across the windshield. When this happens, drivers have to choose between rummaging through the car for sunglasses or flipping the sun visor down. Many drivers do not like to use the sun visor because it can also block a driver's view of the road ahead. Obstructed vision can easily lead to an auto accident. 

New technology looks to prevent motorcycle accidents

Pennsylvania may still be in the throes of winter, but many people are already looking forward to spring. While there are no laws that prevent drivers from riding a motorcycle through the winter months, many enthusiasts choose another mode of transportation to avoid exposing themselves and their motorcycles to inclement weather, freezing temperatures, and the salt and ciders often used to prepare the road surface for snow and ice. The tech industry is also looking forward to "motorcycle season," and one company is touting cool new gear that could help prevent motorcycle accidents. 

A French startup company is introducing a new helmet that is both fashionable and practical. In addition to LED lights that can change colors in response to driver maneuvers like stopping or turning, the helmet is also equipped with hands free mechanisms like Siri to prevent distracted driving. These new helmets will cost about the same as traditional models manufactured by competitors. 

Family of truck accident victim must seek own justice

One might assume that if police identify the person responsible for a fatal crash, criminal charges will be filed against that individual. This is not always the case, even if the evidence is fairly straightforward. A local hero was killed in a recent Pennsylvania truck accident, but his family may have to seek justice on their own. 

The man was a paramedic supervisor that worked each day to save the lives of those in his community. On Jan. 5, 2020 he responded with other rescue workers to the scene of a crash on I-70. As the paramedics helped an accident victim into the ambulance to render medical attention, the unthinkable happened. 

Bus accidents: Are you at risk?

When groups of people have a common destination, it can be convenient to take a bus and travel together. While this popular method of transportation certainly has its merits, it also comes with certain risks. Bus accidents can turn a road trip into a catastrophe, often leaving victims injured and stranded in an unfamiliar place. A recent Pennsylvania crash in Mount Pleasant Township illustrates this risk. 

A tour bus driver traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in the middle of the night failed to properly navigate a curve in the road. The bus overturned, full of passengers. Before coming to rest in a ravine, several other vehicles, including large semi-trucks, were unable to avoid striking the overturned bus. Injured motorists tried to help each other until help arrived. 

Can you file a car accident claim against a deceased driver?

The Keystone State is ready to roar into the 20s, recently closing out the decade and welcoming a brand new year. Some people make resolutions or set goals for what they'd like to achieve, and others enjoy reminiscing about favorite moments of years past. No matter the specifics, people generally focus on positive things, and certainly do not anticipate stressful matters like suffering injury and needing to file a car accident claim

Sometimes, a serious car accident is the fault of another party. A recent Pennsylvania case serves as a prime example. It seems that a young man was speeding when he crossed the center line on the road. He smashed head-on into a woman traveling in the opposite direction. 

Rescuers recieve training for bus accidents

The safety of children is always a major concern for Pennsylvania families and the communities in which they reside. Each day, thousands of children across the Keystone State ride the bus to school. Parents must trust the well-being of a child to the bus driver, but even experienced and attentive drivers cannot prevent bus accidents

Recently, rescue workers in several municipalities received hands-on training for what to do when responding to bus crashes. Old school buses were used to simulate what emergency personnel might expect to see at the scene of such a crash. Pennsylvania has had several serious bus accidents in recent years, and if a bus is badly damaged or flipped over, rescue attempts can be tricky. 

Truck accident trouble: enormous damage after interstate pileup

Usually, news about vehicle crashes is handled by local news sources. Accidents unfortunately happen every day, and other than damages and injuries suffered, there isn't much to report. Recently, Pennsylvania got its first widespread snowfall, and with it came a truck accident that resulted in so much damage, destruction and death that the entire state tuned in to stay informed about the rescue attempts. 

As inclement conditions began to limit visibility and make the road surface of I-80 in Union County slick and dangerous, drivers likely realized that they should be extra cautious, but they certainly could have never imagined the tragedy that was about to unfold. While it will likely take weeks for investors to establish the details, it is currently thought that a truck accident is the catalyst that sparked a chain reaction of destruction. As rescue workers arrived on the scene, they were horrified to see that nearly 60 vehicles were involved in a massive crash. 

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