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System flaws may increase likelihood of a truck accident

Pennsylvania drivers that have ever traveled a busy interstate can vouch for the fact that there are always large trucks whizzing by with the regular traffic. While many truck drivers go out of their way to make safety a priority, some drive in a dangerous manner that increases the risk of a truck accident. Unfortunately, it has come to light that when a truck accident happens, it is often the responsibility of the driver involved to report any pending charges to his or her employer. 

Recently, a truck driver was found to be at fault for an accident that resulted in the death of another driver. He was charged with the death but failed to report the pending legal action to his employer. He was allowed to continue working as usual. 

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries

Though there isn't exactly a "motorcycle season," Pennsylvania riders look forward to getting back on the road each spring. Though certainly most riders treat safety as an absolute priority, motorcycle accidents can occur anytime rubber meets the road. Even if the accident is not the fault of the motorcycle operator, he or she may face blame for injuries suffered by a passenger. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania accident illustrates this scenario. A man carrying a female passenger on his motorcycle was struck by another vehicle. Though the occupants of the larger vehicle escaped injury, the pair on the motorcycle was not as fortunate. The male driver lost a leg, as it was nearly severed, and the female suffered very serious injuries. 

Car accident: First 72 hours critical for pain treatment

Many crash victims in Pennsylvania decline medical treatment because they have no open wounds or fractured bones. Visible injuries are often easier to treat than those that are hidden, which are usually only diagnosed when symptoms appear. Some internal and musculoskeletal injuries can remain hidden for days or even weeks after a car accident.

Advisers say a medical evaluation within 72 hours after an auto crash is crucial -- even if the crash was no more than a fender-bender. The amount of damage to the vehicle is not an indication of the damage done to the occupants. Fast response and early identification and treatment of such injuries can prevent long-term consequences such as pain, swelling and inflammation.

Car accident results in homicide charges

Pennsylvania drivers do their best to stay safe on the roads. Of course, there is always the potential for a car accident to occur, but obeying traffic laws and keeping up with vehicle maintenance can help prevent crashes. Despite the best efforts of drivers, crashes still occur across the state each day. Recently, a tragic fatal accident  resulted in some serious criminal charges against a driver. 

The tragedy was put in motion when a man erroneously made his way through an intersection and crashed into a Pennsylvania woman's car. When help arrived, the accident victim was found to be seriously injured. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but attempts to save her life were unsuccessful, and sadly, she was pronounced dead. 

Motorcycle accidents a constant threat to riders

The sun is finally out in Pennsylvania, and motorcycle enthusiasts across the state are gearing up to hit the open road. While spring brings with it the opportunity to put some miles on the bike and enjoy the fresh air, it also carries increased risk of motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, many crashes are preventable, but some drivers have little or no regard for the safety of others, putting lives at risk. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania man was found guilty regarding charges stemming from a crash that injured a man on a motorcycle. According to reports, the man's unsafe driving caused his vehicle to crash into a motorcycle, causing the biker to suffer serious injuries. As more details emerged, it became clear the driver at fault was a repeat offender. 

Teen drivers and motorcycle accidents

Young or inexperienced drivers have a higher chance of being involved in an accident than more experienced drivers. Though being aware of the laws of the road and being educated about safe driving practices can go a long way to help a new Pennsylvania driver, there is an increased risk of a crash with a teen behind the wheel. Though sometimes, a little fender-bender can be a frightening but relatively harmless learning experience, other more serious crashes, like motorcycle accidents, can change or end lives forever. 

Recently, an 18-year-old female was driving a pickup truck close to a local high school. For some reason, she lost control of the vehicle and attempted to correct her steering after running off the road. Unfortunately, as she tried to correct and re-enter the roadway, she struck two men on motorcycles. 

Bus accidents: Are you at risk?

Many Pennsylvania residents are fortunate enough to live in an area that has plenty of public transportation available. These days, especially in urban areas, there is a growing shift away from owning a personal vehicle. Many people have chosen to take advantage of ride-share programs, rental vehicles or public transportation to get from place to place. Though public transportation certainly is not a new idea, technology has advanced to make these options, such as buses, safer and more efficient. Still, there are still risks associated with public transportation, with bus accidents being chief among them. 

It is not unusual for a bus to be carrying dozens of people at any given time. All of the persons riding on the bus can only hope that the bus driver manages to get to the destination safe and sound. Unfortunately, sometimes a bus is involved in a crash, and when this happens, people on the bus, often without seat belt or safety features common in smaller vehicles, may suffer serious injury. 

Despite helmet use, motorcycle accidents can kill

Pennsylvania has a thriving community of motorcycle enthusiasts. The Keystone State offers such scenic roadways, riders find it hard to imagine, as long as the weather cooperates, a better way to spend a sunny afternoon. Far from being purely recreational, many people use motorcycles as a fun and efficient way to get from place to place, but even a seasoned rider knows that motorcycle accidents can turn deadly in the blink of an eye. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania man was riding his motorcycle, as he likely had countless times before. By all accounts, he was obeying traffic laws and was wearing a proper helmet. Suddenly, as he drove through an intersection, a car navigating the same intersection struck him. 

SUV accidents: The deadly truth

The clocks have sprung forward, and Pennsylvania residents are looking forward to nice weather and longer days. After being cooped up for months, the prospect of getting out and about is certainly a tantalizing notion. Unfortunately, getting behind the wheel always carries a risk. Each year, car, truck, and SUV accidents continue to claim lives across the Keystone State. 

A few months ago, a Pennsylvania police officer learned that a fellow policeman needed assistance. In his haste to render aid to the other officer, he turned on his lights and siren and began to speed towards the scene. Unfortunately, a nearby field of corn may have made it difficult for other drivers to see and hear the warning, and as his SUV sped through a red light at an intersection, he struck a vehicle occupied by a Pennsylvania couple. 

Bizarre car accident leaves fellow motorists shaken

Pennsylvania drivers might admit that when they see the police signaling to pull over in the rear view mirror, the nerves kick in. Even when a driver is not certain why the police might be stopping him or her, it is important to comply according to the law. If a driver attempts to evade law enforcement in such a situation, a serious car accident can result.

Recently, police attempted to stop a vehicle on a Pennsylvania highway. Rather than safely pull over and wait to find out why officers might be stopping him, the driver decided to take off. He launched his vehicle over the median and began to flee into oncoming traffic. Law enforcement gave chase, but made sure to use lights and sirens to warn other motorists of the danger. 

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