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Motorcycle accidents: Vroom vroom meets courtroom

As spring nears its final weeks, summer is already teasing Pennsylvania with a taste of hot temperatures and plenty of sun. Some residents have gardens well underway; others have gone fishing or kayaking, and children are certainly awaiting the official end of the school year. Motorcycle enthusiasts might be planning to attend various events planned across the state in the coming weeks, and even though taking the bike out for a spin can be a fun and rewarding ride, there is always potential for motorcycle accidents

Recently, a Pennsylvania man was on his motorcycle when he approached an intersection. Another driver came from the other direction at the same time. The other driver, in a much larger vehicle, was supposed to yield but failed to do so. 

Cheers to tears: teens die in SUV accident

When teens are learning to drive, many parents consider an SUV to be a safe option for a young driver. Many of these larger vehicles are equipped with extra safety features. Still, in the event of an SUV accident, there is potential for passengers to suffer serious injury and even loss of life. A recent Pennsylvania crash underscores this risk. 

Three recent graduates of a Pennsylvania high school were traveling together in an SUV. Somehow, the driver of the SUV crashed into the side of a school bus. The bus was not carrying students at the time, but the teens in the SUV were in serious trouble. 

$1 million bail for man that caused car accident

When Pennsylvania families are out and about, older family members often insist that small children remain close by, especially when walking near traffic. It can be difficult for drivers to see small children. Unfortunately, one family lost a child despite taking such precaution, in a horrific car accident last spring. 

A male driver that had admittedly spent the day drinking at various bars made the terrible decision to get behind the wheel. While in reverse, he ran over a little girl. In his inhibited state, he managed to send a text message to a friend saying that he had just struck a child and was unsure if she was going to survive. 

What are common causes of truck accidents?

Commercial trucks such as delivery trucks and tractor-trailers present unique risks to drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles. These huge and unwieldy vehicles can cause a drastic amount of property damage and injuries in accidents. Seemingly insignificant errors can result in major consequences. 

If you drive a smaller vehicle or even ride a motorcycle, you must be extra cautious and alert while in the presence of large trucks. Avoiding and preventing crashes also requires knowing what is most likely to cause truck collisions

Group tries to raise awareness about motorcycle accidents

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month across the Keystone State. Pennsylvania residents may have noticed advertisements for special events, like rides for large groups of riders or celebrations at local motorcycle dealerships.  While certainly, these events will be fun and are meant for communities all over the state to enjoy, one recurring theme to the month is the prevention of motorcycle accidents

A representative from one motorcycle group explained what dangers fellow drivers might be able to help reduce. Obviously, motorists are asked to use extra caution while driving, as it can often be difficult to spot a motorcycle among larger passenger vehicles. Other hazards may be a bit less obvious. 

Can you cope with a truck accident casualty?

A Pennsylvania parent might have trouble explaining his or her career to a child. Families often exchange stories about each other's days, and while parents can relate to stories told by children about a day at school, a child might have trouble imagining what a parent's day at work looks like. Recently, one father decided to give his son an up close look at his chosen career. It ended in tragedy when the boy became the victim of a fatal truck accident

The ordeal began when the Pennsylvania father, a turnpike worker, allowed his 11-year-old son to accompany him to work. They were traveling in a pickup truck when suddenly, for reasons still unknown to investigators, the vehicle became involved in an accident with a large semitrailer. The smaller vehicle became stuck under the much larger one, and the damage was extensive. 

SUV accidents a grim reality

Owning an SUV is a practical choice for many Pennsylvania drivers. These vehicles are great for transporting a group of people together, such as a family with children or carpooling co-workers. The downside is that there is potential for a higher number of casualties in the event of SUV accidents

Recently, a Pennsylvania woman was driving her SUV with three passengers in tow, two of whom were minor children. She crossed the center line and wound up in oncoming traffic. A driver headed the other way did his best to avoid collision, but was unable to do so. The result was catastrophic. 

Bus accidents a risk for the faithful

Pennsylvania is home to a variety of religious communities. Many of these communities have a church or similar building where the faithful gather weekly to worship and enjoy the company and support of the congregation. Sometimes, members of the congregation do not have transportation to and from the church, and many churches do their best to accommodate the need. Unfortunately, many of these faithful are at risk for becoming victims in bus accidents

Buses can be an efficient way to move a large group of people from place to place. Sadly, if a bus becomes involved in a crash, the passengers on board may be seriously injured or even killed. A recent story from another state illustrates how quickly disaster can strike. 

System flaws may increase likelihood of a truck accident

Pennsylvania drivers that have ever traveled a busy interstate can vouch for the fact that there are always large trucks whizzing by with the regular traffic. While many truck drivers go out of their way to make safety a priority, some drive in a dangerous manner that increases the risk of a truck accident. Unfortunately, it has come to light that when a truck accident happens, it is often the responsibility of the driver involved to report any pending charges to his or her employer. 

Recently, a truck driver was found to be at fault for an accident that resulted in the death of another driver. He was charged with the death but failed to report the pending legal action to his employer. He was allowed to continue working as usual. 

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries

Though there isn't exactly a "motorcycle season," Pennsylvania riders look forward to getting back on the road each spring. Though certainly most riders treat safety as an absolute priority, motorcycle accidents can occur anytime rubber meets the road. Even if the accident is not the fault of the motorcycle operator, he or she may face blame for injuries suffered by a passenger. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania accident illustrates this scenario. A man carrying a female passenger on his motorcycle was struck by another vehicle. Though the occupants of the larger vehicle escaped injury, the pair on the motorcycle was not as fortunate. The male driver lost a leg, as it was nearly severed, and the female suffered very serious injuries. 

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