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Woman who caused fatal car accident has prior driving violations

A Pennsylvania teenager with several prior driving violations is allegedly responsible for the death of a 64-year-old woman. The 18-year-old woman was purportedly involved in yet another incident moments before causing the fatal car accident. On four other occasions within the last three months, she has received a citation for driving without a license. 

She was also charged in connection with a minor accident just minutes before she was involved in the deadly wreck. According to police, the fatal wreck occurred shortly after the woman hurriedly left the scene of the minor incident with an 80-year-old driver. She reportedly was traveling at a high rate of speed when her vehicle left its lane and crossed over into the opposing lane.

Alcohol and commercial driving a lethal mix for truck accident

Sharing the Pennsylvania highways with increased numbers of tractor-trailers may be intimidating under the best of circumstances. However, if that trucker has been drinking, then the ingredients for a horrific truck accident may exist. These wrecks can have a devastating impact on the victims' lives.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it does not take a large quantity of alcohol before a driver begins to experience a detrimental affect. After two cans of beer or two glasses of wine, one's ability to visually track a quickly moving object or focus on two tasks is measurably affected. This amount is estimated to register a .02 percent BAC. At the legally defined impaired driving level of .08 percent -- typically the equivalent of four drinks -- a driver's ability to concentrate, maintain safe speeds and process sensory information are all negatively impacted.

An amputation can negatively impact your life after auto accident

When Pennsylvania residents hear about serious wrecks, they may not consider they types of injuries the victims suffer. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of an auto accident may include a traumatic amputation. There are different classifications of theses types of wounds, and all of them likely have a negative and permanent affect on one's life.

While many amputations are planned surgical procedures that are performed in an effort to improve the quality of life for the patient, unfortunately, many of these injuries are the result of a traumatic injury to the body. There are two types of amputation -- complete or partial. A complete amputation is as described, the affected body part is completely severed from the rest of the body. An incomplete amputation describes an injury where tendons, muscles or other tissues still connect the affected portion to the rest of the body. Both emergency responders and physicians work to ensure that a reattachment procedure can at least be attempted.

3 common truck driver distractions that cause accidents

Distracted truck drivers are a serious problem. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 71 percent of crashes involving tractor-trailers happened when the truck driver was distracted. As a motorist in Bethlehem, PA, you drive around trucks often, and you should know the risks of distracted truck drivers so you can stay safe.

Truck drivers face a variety of distractions that may lead to disastrous accidents. Below is a look at three common causes of distraction for truck drivers.

You face more than physical injuries when hurt in a car accident

One of the worst situations you may face is being involved in a serious collision. Whether you were a passenger or the other driver, a car accident can do more than knock you off the road for a while. A Pennsylvania wreck can take a heavy toll on your financial health as well.

An automotive wreck can create havoc in your life on many fronts. The first and foremost is the physical pain and suffering you are trying to handle. Even after you have been released from a hospital, you may have ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation. In addition, while broken bones will likely heal within an expected time frame, soft tissue and spinal injuries may last for months or years. Along with all of these possible complications, there are other damages that may surface shortly after the initial wreck.

Distraction can lead to a serious car accident injury

In the past several years, news outlets feature daily stories about the dangers of texting and driving. However, the message has yet to get through to every driver as there are people who become victims of a distracted driver car accident on a regular basis here in Pennsylvania. Using a cell phone while driving is a dangerous habit, though there are other distractions that are just as deadly.

You may be one of those drivers who pays close attention to the road. Unfortunately, not every driver is as courteous and diligent and some allow other activities to take precedence. Most people do not maliciously decide to take their attention from the road, but it only takes that one moment for your life to be forever changed because the other motorist wanted to play a different CD. 

Multiple vehicle car accident kills 2 on Pennsylvania interstate

Traveling the highways with all manner of vehicles can be a challenging proposition, especially with the growing numbers of tractor-trailers on the highways. In spite of this, the majority of motorists likely do not seriously consider the possibility of becoming a victim of a serious car accident. Sadly, one recent wreck in Pennsylvania on Interstate 81 took the lives of two people.

According to the initial accident report, the crash was triggered by a tractor-trailer driver who apparently failed to adjust his speed in order to avoid a rear-end collision. The big rig struck a pickup truck from behind as it approached a traffic slowdown. The pickup was shoved into the rear of another pickup truck just ahead of it. That pickup then collided with a tractor-trailer in front of it.

School bus accidents can result in serious injuries to children

School buses are designed to transport several dozen students in a relatively unsecured fashion. As a result, when these vehicles are involved in serious bus accidents, children could suffer serious injuries. One recent wreck in Pennsylvania resulted in several people requiring medical care, with one child suffering critical injuries.

According to accounts, several vehicles were caught up in the horrific crash. It was purportedly caused when a sedan ran into the back of a vehicle serving as an escort for a tractor trailer. This initial collision sent that vehicle into another lane of traffic, and in the process, it impacted with the side of the school bus. That contact caused the bus to roll onto its right side.

A truck accident can have lifelong consequences

Truckers provide a valuable service as they deliver the products that are needed for our modern lives. However, there is a downside to all of this traffic as it leads to the higher risk of you being involved in a serious truck accident. The lives of many Pennsylvania residents have been forever changed by these tragic accidents.

There are many factors that can play a part in causing a wreck. Anything from a mechanical failure to an improperly balanced load can result in you suffering the consequences for the rest of your life. Drivers who are trying to make their deadlines may make the erroneous decision to violate the regulations that limit the number of hours a trucker is permitted to drive in a given period. This can lead to driver fatigue and a serious mistake.

State draws attention to rising danger of motorcycle accidents

Pennsylvania officials are hoping that the warm months will bring out people on the state's roadways, not emergency responders. Unfortunately, with the higher temperatures comes a rise in the numbers of motorcycle accidents. The commonwealth is working to raise the awareness of all motorists in an effort to make the roads safer for all.

In 2016, the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles reported an estimated 3,000 accidents involving motorcycles. Of that number, 192 were fatal. As a result of this rising number of wrecks, the state is participating in Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May. According to riders, the biggest problem is that other motorists simply do not see the smaller vehicles.

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